5 thoughts on “Eric Arvin Update. Now with Video….

  1. Elorie

    So good to hear your voice. I know it may seem slow, but you are really doing very well. I am glad you are improving and that you are looking toward the future.
    Give my best to TJ.

  2. Lindsayb

    So glad for progress, even if it’s slower going than you would like. You are definitely in my thoughts!

  3. elaine downes

    Progress is progress – so glad you’re on the road to recovery. Hugs to both you and TJ – glad to hear he’s doing well too – keep on keeping on Cheers !

  4. Valerie Barden

    Hey Rhys haven’t heard did Eric and TJ close on the house? Eric sounds good in the video. How is TJ holding up.I wish them all the best. As a wise woman once told me in the midst of medical problems God never gives you more than you can handle. They ate in our hearts ans minds always

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