11 thoughts on “So….

  1. Treasure

    It’s always nice to see pit bulls displayed in a positive light on the interwebs. They’re wonderful dogs.

  2. Leisa

    That’s so cute! My rescue dog will point at a stick of string cheese. His only trick – it’s hilarious! 🙂

  3. steelergrrl43

    I have a stubborn chihuahua who just looks at me, and a bouncy mix who tries but the best he does is “shake”, “drop it”, and “sit” and the last two ONLY happen when you’re playing with him.

  4. I love to see the pet/owner relationships that can create such a freaking cute dance ect…the dog was loving it 😉
    Hmm yeah sadly I have never had the whole training magic with my pups…having them sit or even stay on command was a huge feat for us ;P lol

  5. *wrinkles nose* erm yeah…ours loved horse dung.
    Washing them after a trip down the road was always fun ;P lol

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