Last Stop for Dude! End of The Hair Of The Dog Tour

!Hair_Of_The_DogSadly, all good things must come to an end and today, ah today…. will be the final stop in the Hair of the Dog tour.

Part 11…the finale… will be available at LoveBytes Reviews (

Be sure to stop in later and enter their giveaway as well as read the final part of Hair of the Dog.

Thank you all so much for reading along and for making Tequila Mockingbird a part of your life. I so appreciate it. Thank you.

I’ll be following up with a full copy of Hair of the Dog in various formats for download! WOOOOOT and thank you again.







10 thoughts on “Last Stop for Dude! End of The Hair Of The Dog Tour

  1. Treasure

    thank you SO much for putting Dude’s thoughts together for him. And thank you in advance for gathering them all in one down load

  2. I have enjoyed the ride! Please, it’s Sinners of course I loved it!! Thanks Rhys, looking forward to the download with grabby hands. 😀

  3. secretobcession1

    Thank you for the Dude mini series. Loved it!

    Also loved Tequila Mockingbid too!!!

  4. Joy Walker Hall

    Dude…I hate to see you go away.
    It was really fun reading them…thanks.

    As expected, I loved TM. I do enjoy the way you flesh out your characters. I think in Quinn’s book I think he should have a pet…maybe a cat or a ferret.

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