General Tequila Mockingbird Audio Book Announcement and Giveaway!

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Yeah, Great Book But Where The Hell Is Tristan?

As all of you know, this happened last week. And wow, it’s been nuts. Heh…and I just realized I’d logged the tenth query about when TM’s going to up as an audio book.

I’m here to tell you… God I wish I knew.

Audio books kind of work in a weird way… Well, not so weird but kind of behind the book by a few months at least.

The production of the audio can’t begin until the book goes final and is released (or so I think I was told) because up until that point…there COULD be changes.

Now, Tristan…velvety voiced Tristan who apparently is fueling the sexual activities of several households just with his rendering of the Morgan Clan is pretty popular but he IS the designated narrator for the Sinners Series so he’s ours! MUAH HAH HAH!

He should be getting or have already gotten the script but then it’ll take him a bit to record it, go over it and then it goes into production. Magic happens, mushrooms are eaten by caterpillars…. okay I don’t know what happens in production but something shiny happens and then the audio’s out into the wild.

So…long story short, I don’t know. But damn it, I wish I did because dudes, Tristan!

Heh, but to ease at least TWO of you on the cost of the audio books, how about if we have a contest?

Leave a comment here on which character you think Tristan does best and I’ll pick two people to win an audio code. When Dirty Deeds hits the near the end mark I’ll do the same for Greg. So watch the blog for that to drop too.

Remember, Tristan’s best rendering of which character below. Oh, and an email address where I can get a hold of you…if you feel comfortable with that. If not, I’ll be posting the winners anyway so ping me.

Winners chosen on July 6th in the morning! AFTER I’VE HAD COFFEE! COFFEEEEE!

80 thoughts on “General Tequila Mockingbird Audio Book Announcement and Giveaway!

  1. nordicgirl_2013

    As a “rabid” fan of anything written by you, and a drooling mess when listening to Tristan James’ voice I hereby throw my name into the hat (or fray) for the draw of TM audiobook. My favourite TJ voice is Donal Morgan (but that doesn’t mean his Miki, Kane, Con or Brigid are any less good!). ☺

    Hanne – gauk63atyahoodotcom

  2. Ivy

    I love his portrait of Damien, the scenes between him and Miki are so real and heartfelt. The interactions between him and Sionn are wonderful as well, and I love the humour between them. Tristan brings life to Damien and all the characters because he gives them a vivid personality.

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  4. Of course all the voices he does for each character are marvelous! But I do have to say I love his characterization of Rafe! He sounds so much fun! I get excited when it’s his turn to talk…excited in a curious who is he way not a naughty way…. much 😀

  5. Penumbra

    I haven’t heard him read any audio books so I’ll have to guess. I go with Miki. But if he does Dude, I would definitely go with Dude, haha! 🙂

  6. Hunt

    His Kane is good but his Rafe is hot! And Sionn is so smooth and sweet. He does them all so well!!

  7. Leisa

    Kane. Oh Kane … I want to have Tristan just sit in my living room on a snowy winter’s night and read the Sinner’s Gin stories to me by firelight … And no, I haven’t out any thought at all into how I love Tristan’s narration! 😉

  8. Juli-Anna Dobson

    I’m going to have to go with sionn. His portrayal of him gave me goosebumps. It’s been my favorite so far

  9. Renee

    I have to say Sionn with Damien and Miki second and third. He really does a great job with all of them, but I love how he switches from Sionn’s Irish to Damien’s English and makes them really separate.

  10. All of Tristan’s characters are stellar. But I do like the Donal, the voice so reflects the character as portrayed in the books. Now, since you don’t know when the audio book is coming out, how about a heads up on when the Quinn book will be available??? I really like finding great series’ after all of them are out, then I don’t have to get indigestion while waiting for the next book.

      1. Your talent totally amazes me. I was thinking about trying to write something, then read some really bad efforts (short stories given away on Amazon) and decided I didn’t want to be one of those. So I’ll just keep reading the really good ones! Keep those books coming! (also like the Dirty series and have read the first in the Hellsinger series. Waiting on next volumes in each and every one!) Like I told Josh Lanyon, too bad it takes longer to write than it does to read!

      2. I highly encourage you to continue writing if you want to do it. Really. Everyone has a voice and stories. Delve in! *hugs*

  11. RhoMelie

    I love Tristan’s Irish voice and I do love Kane but I’m in awe of Donal’s character so I’ll go with Donal.

  12. Mae

    I want to say he does Kane or Donal best, but that’s a lie (although, that Irish accent hits all my buttons) My favorite is hearing Tristan voice Miki. Inalready adore Miki and think he’s the most fleshed-out character in the series, but Tristan somehow adds a life to him that makes me think I could walk down the street, or look out on the news, and see him.

  13. Vazzy

    How can ya choose he’s awesome at all of them English – Irish – American.. I had always been a fan of Paul Moreys narration and still am but until I heard TJ voices there are now two top narrators in my book no pun intended. Ok so if I have to pick 1 character it’s Sionn

  14. Oh *phew*! When i saw the “Where’s Tristan” line at the top I thought you were going to say he wasn’t going to be available for TM and I was like “NOOOOOooooo!!!!” I had not read the Sinner’s Gin books before, so I did both of the audiobooks recently and fell in LOVE…with the stories, the characters and, gah, yes, the voice! 🙂 So much so, that I am planning to wait patiently for the audiobook even though I am dying to read TM.

    Tristan does such a good job with all the Morgan boys…like everyone else, I suppose Kane would be my favorite though. <3

  15. Allison

    I have to go with Miki, he captures him exactly as I’d imagined Miki. But I love all his voices. Aahickmanathotmaildotcom

      1. f miller

        Thank Goodness! I love both of these narrators. Gregg does a wonderful job on the McGinnis books . . .

  16. Hannah B.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to Tristan’s audio versions of your books. From all the raving comments, I must be missing out on something awesome. Please count me in the giveaway so I can hear what I am missing!

  17. I have every darn book you put to audio in my collection……so my audio book budget is straining, but it’s so very well worth it! Add me to your giveaway so I can keep on groovin! Thanks!

  18. Erik L

    Hard choice between Donal and Sionn. His Donal is so well delivered with an undercurrent of emotion that draws me to the character. But, in the end it has to be Sionn. He could read me his grocery list is Sionn’s voice and I’d give him whatever he wanted. lol

  19. It’s no fair to have to pick from such great characters. They are all so well spoken by Tristan. But alas to pick, I’d go with Kane. I could almost feel the size of him! It was his presence translated from words to voice.

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