Announcing Tequila Mockingbird on DSP

Tequila Mockingbird is now up for Pre-Order on DSP 😀 WOOOOOOOOOT!

The release date has moved up one so it will now be available June 27 Midnight EST [Jun 26 9 pm PST]. Link to Preorder Here.

Tequila Mockingbird Cover_Rhys Ford_final Tequila Mockingbird
Sequel to Whiskey and Wry
Sinners Series: Book Three

Lieutenant Connor Morgan of SFPD’s SWAT division wasn’t looking for love. Especially not in a man. His life plan didn’t include one Forest Ackerman, a brown-eyed, blond drummer who’s as sexy as he is trouble. His family depends on him to be like his father, a solid pillar of strength who’ll one day lead the Morgan clan.

No, Connor has everything worked out—a career in law enforcement, a nice house, and a family. Instead, he finds a murdered man while on a drug raid and loses his heart comforting the man’s adopted son. It wasn’t like he’d never thought about men — it’s just loving one doesn’t fit into his plans.

Forest Ackerman certainly doesn’t need to be lusting after a straight cop, even if Connor Morgan is everywhere he looks, especially after Frank’s death. He’s just talked himself out of lusting for the brawny cop when his coffee shop becomes a war zone and Connor Morgan steps in to save him.

Whoever killed his father seems intent on Forest joining him in the afterlife. As the killer moves closer to achieving his goal, Forest tangles with Connor Morgan and is left wondering what he’ll lose first—his life or his heart.

Further Adventures of the Vasquez and James Family—Fry Bread, Canoes, Otters, and the Freedom to Owl Dance

Hi, I’m Lou Sylvre and I’m back, taking up some space on Rhys Ford’s blog again. So, first order of business, thank you Rhys!

As many of you may know this is part of my blog tour celebrating the release of the latest Vasquez and James novel, Because of Jade, which was released by Dreamspinner Press on May 23rd. I’ve themed this blog tour, The Further Adventures of the Vasquez-James Family and you can find the first installment at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews. I’ll get on with installment two a bit further on, here, but first, a word about a raffle.

In the spirit of celebration, I’m hosting some giveaways. This week, starting today, a brand new rafflecopter. As this is a WordPress blog, I can’t use Java Script, so click this link [] to get to the rafflecopter page and enter. You can stack up your chances by entering a number of ways, but one way is by making a comment on this post to answer this question: If you could spend a day with Sonny, Luki, Jade, or all three, who would you choose, and what would you do? Your answer can be as wild or sweet or mundane or dreamy as you want it to be, but creativity is encouraged. It doesn’t have to be long, a few words are plenty. Just surprise me!

For prizes, something a little different. 1st prize, an ebook copy of the new release, and an ebook of the collected Vasquez and James blogs—these “further adventures,” the road trip, gay romance university, character interviews, whatever. Of course I’ll have to wait until the current tour is done before I put it together, but it should be done around the end of June, and the only way to get the ebook is to win one. 2nd prize gets the collection, too, but with a copy of any earlier Vasquez and James book—winner’s choice.
VJ 4 covers by Monique

Now for our story: Continue reading “Further Adventures of the Vasquez and James Family—Fry Bread, Canoes, Otters, and the Freedom to Owl Dance”

Ouch. Or My Sunday Afternoon Under A Needle.

Flying Panther Tattoo Shop
Flying Panther Tattoo Shop

So I got some ink today.

At Flying Panther.

This was drawn by my beloved younger sister, Ren  and is placed above the tattoos I have for the Five. Right now, it hurts like a motherfucker because well, my calf apparently is a pissy bitch and kept throwing spasms and well, white ink hurts. Hands down, white ink hurts.

But… there’s a reason I put ink on me. It’s like wearing my heart on my skin.

This is done in classic Ren style and represents both of us. I am year of the dragon.. a fat little horned purple hapa dragon and she is a skull wielding bunneh. And we are sharing coffee and a heart.

This also kind of represents all of my Dong Bang Bunnehs because truly, it is how I feel about them. I would shield them from the world with a ring of fire while making sure they are warm, happy, safe and full of coffee.

Saranghaeyo. All of the Dong Bang Bunnehs. *hugs*


An AWESOME post from Eric Arvin

(From Tj writing for Eric)

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. It’s been a difficult last few months, but your words have helped me greatly. I am getting better every day, but it will take time to get back to the way things used to be. I have faced large obstacles before and have overcame them, and I know I can do the same here.

I will try and be around as much as possible, but just know that I read your words of encouragement and they helped me and my family greatly.

Oh, and TJ is wicked awesome and this is really Eric saying this part.

Love, Eric and Tj



The Devil’s Brew-ing. Releases in Half An Hour!

The Devils Brew Rhys Ford CoverSinners Series: Book 2.5

Miki St. John’s life has been turned upside down, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

His best friend, Damien Mitchell, is back from the dead. He has a dog named Dude. And more importantly, he and his lover, SFPD Inspector Kane Morgan, now share Miki’s converted warehouse.

For the first time ever, Miki’s living a happy and normal-ish life, but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, Miki realizes he knows next to nothing about being domestic or domesticated. Nothing about the traditional lover’s holiday makes sense to him, but Miki wants to give Kane a Valentine’s Day the man will never forget.

Can he pull off a day of wine and roses? Or will his screwed-up childhood come back and bite Miki in the ass?

Link to Dreamspinner!

Sad News

We lost our black Pom today. Dickens passed very suddenly following a stroke. He was preceded by a few of his brothers in fur and I’m pretty sure they’ll be glad to see him.

Or not because he was a thief and took everyone’s cookies.

Much love to everyone who’s known him and snuck him treats while you thought we weren’t looking.

We knew. But it was okay.