Ouch. Or My Sunday Afternoon Under A Needle.

Flying Panther Tattoo Shop
Flying Panther Tattoo Shop

So I got some ink today.

At Flying Panther.

This was drawn by my beloved younger sister, Ren  and is placed above the tattoos I have for the Five. Right now, it hurts like a motherfucker because well, my calf apparently is a pissy bitch and kept throwing spasms and well, white ink hurts. Hands down, white ink hurts.

But… there’s a reason I put ink on me. It’s like wearing my heart on my skin.

This is done in classic Ren style and represents both of us. I am year of the dragon.. a fat little horned purple hapa dragon and she is a skull wielding bunneh. And we are sharing coffee and a heart.

This also kind of represents all of my Dong Bang Bunnehs because truly, it is how I feel about them. I would shield them from the world with a ring of fire while making sure they are warm, happy, safe and full of coffee.

Saranghaeyo. All of the Dong Bang Bunnehs. *hugs*


15 thoughts on “Ouch. Or My Sunday Afternoon Under A Needle.

  1. I am too much of a wuss to go under the needle o-@
    The colors on it are beautiful & the picture sweet 😉
    …yup! I would soo embarrass myself trying to get one lol *shakes head*

  2. Anita

    Oh!!! That’s real sweet. Loving the coffee mug and skull. Great job. As much as they hurt, they’re kinda addictive and I’m always wanting another. I’d love a tattoo of stacked antique books….just don’t want the pain! :-))

  3. Ivarisha

    wow! it’s beautiful and…. cute!!! ))) sorry )))) I wish it stops hurting soon
    smooooches <3

  4. elaine downes

    Its very cute and very brave of you to get it done – me, the screaming would drive everyone out of the studio LOL Good for you !

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