Grand Adventures is Here!

It’s here! This lovely gift to Eric and me. On the first day, you have already put it at number 2 on DSP’S bestseller list, along with the paperback and the posters.

Eric is as thrilled as I am, and I so happy I get to be by his side this morning as this book launches. Thank you to all who have purchased and to DSP for putting this together. Eric and I love you all very much.

Tj & Eric (who is still sleeping right now, the lazy ass)


Purchase Grand Adventures Here.



14 thoughts on “Grand Adventures is Here!

  1. Renee

    So happy to help! Who could resist an anthology with all of these listed authors! Continued best wishes to Eric and TJ

  2. Devony

    Sweet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am happy the book is doing so well. Gonna go check to see if my copy is showing yet ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. tweetybyrd

    Am so looking forward to reading this especially knowinghe good it will accomplish. But, now I’m wondering if I goofed purchasing it. I bought it on Amazon not on Dreamspinner & now am concerned that TJ & Eric won’t benefit from my purchase. Do you know if Amazon sales help them? Thanks!

      1. Phyllis

        glad to hear it gets to DPS from amazon; I had hoped so; the blurb on amazon still said it would.
        (my amazon card is the only one not messed up or near maxed out)
        am looking forward to reading it (after re-reading *Deeds*).
        I am glad to put in my * two cents* to help TJ and Eric

  4. tweetybyrd

    Yeah!! Can’t wait to read it & of course, your loverly Dirty Deeds. Just need to carve out a block of time for reading.

  5. Phyllis

    was re-reading *Kiss*— there were five(?) dead bodies there *grins*
    Don’t know if that says Cole is getting better (or luckier?) or your writing is getting less blood thirsty. Mind you, the dead bodies are not off-putting.
    It’s nice to read the first one knowing that all the blood, sweat and tears seems to only make their relationship better, stronger, hotter.

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