And on the Day of Grand Adventures, TJ and Eric…

Let me tell you why I believe.

I believe because in less than three months, DSP put out an anthology for Eric.

I believe because in less than a day, it is almost at the top of the bestseller charts, thanks to all of you.

I believe because when I got to Indiana on Saturday, Eric saw me and smiled like I’ve never seen him smile before.

I believe because when I walked into the room, not only did his eyes follow me, he was able to move his neck completely left and right, which was something that didn’t happen even three weeks ago.

I believe because he was moving his shoulders on his own.

I believe because his nurse sounded shocked today when he said that Eric is breathing ABOVE the vent, meaning he is taking his own breaths.

I believe because we started planning the wedding to end all weddings.

I believe because the last three months have happened, and we are no where near defeated or broken.

Eric is improving. In the three weeks I’ve since I’ve seen him, he has improved exponentially.

I believe in him because he believes in himself. And in me.

Things might never be the same. But you can sure as shit bet it’s not going to be because of a lack of trying. He WILL get better. Life WILL get better.

You can fucking believe that.

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