A Pod and A Squeak

I’ve been on the ocean during a few of these kinds of events–with dolphins and humpback whales. There’s no word for the power around them. And the escorts are always…. I’m here to sniff you out… Just making sure. Kinda a time when you have to take off your shoes before you go into someone’s house. That’s when you turn off any engines… or stop paddling and drift.

It’s their ocean then. Right then.  Right there. Always.

6 thoughts on “A Pod and A Squeak

  1. Devony

    I lurve the cetaceans! There is series I read ages ago about a toddler genetically altered ( his parents were scientists…there was an explosion) who was adopted by a pod of dolphins…I loved that story 😉 *indulges in nostalgia*
    I loved when studied them in school…god now I feel old! That was when they got serious about protecting them! lol

  2. Sadonna

    The last time I was on Maui we did the Pacific Whale Foundation snorkel trip to Molokini and a pod of dolphins joined us on our way there 🙂 Years ago when I was taking the ferry to Vancouver Island from the San Juans we saw several pods of Orcas. So cool! What amazing creatures. The only whales I’ve seen have been from high up on the coast of Oregon during the summer. Never more than one at a time though 🙁

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