TJ Post: Jan 18

TJ Writes: For the last 37 days, the only thing Eric has been able to have in his mouth is water and cleaning paste.

I got to give him apple juice for the first time today on mouth sponge. He made orgasm face at the taste of it and then immediately fell asleep.

He does the same thing when I make him make that face at home.


9 thoughts on “TJ Post: Jan 18

  1. Devony

    Lmao…you can totally feel Teejs satisfaction in that statement!
    …and I am still trying to determine if what he shared rates as TMI? Too funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Phyllis

    what a wonderful *cupcake* you are,TJ,
    *hugs and hugs* you’re both in my prayers every night. hopefully i can scrape a little money together at the end of the month for the fund.

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