About The Devil’s Brew

The Devils Brew Rhys Ford CoverTo answer the couple of questions about The Devil’s Brew….

It will be out on May 21, 2014 from Dreamspinner Press.

It is a Miki and Kane story about Miki’s take on Valentine’s Day.

It is a novella and happens BEFORE Tequila Mockingbird.

Tequila Mockingbird will be out the following month. Events in The Devil’s Brew do lead into events in Tequila.

Miki and Kane will probably be getting their own novel after the Sinners series ends because Miki’s got issues. Issues he needs to deal with.

No, I don’t ever kill the dog.

16 thoughts on “About The Devil’s Brew

  1. Devony

    More Sinners can only be good…& umm glad Dude is safe. Cause Miki has enough to deal with..losing Dude would just be mean! 0-o

  2. Devony

    I offer you a huge mug of virtual coffee in admiration of all you keep in the air at once! πŸ˜‰ I look forward to everything that’s coming!
    …I would send a virtual hottie masseur too but that would just be silly!

  3. Phyllis

    I love it!!!
    I love that dog. i would be crying buckets if something happened to him (if you dont believe me…I cried buckets when Harry P lost his owl).
    at this point i dont care what the story is, i will buy it and enjoy reading it.
    In the literary sense I’m glad to hear that miki will be dealing more with his issues.
    real world abuse, and especially the long term and severe abuse he suffered as a child, affects someone lifelong and I’m sure has a huge hand in molding him as a person. Realistically miki could well be in therapy his entire life; and having *episodes* along the lines of ptsd.
    *Hugs and smooches* for not sweeping it under rug.

    1. He definitely will be in therapy for a while and a lot of his journey will be willing to get therapy. Because that’s a struggle in itself. *nods*

      I feel like I need to write that for that character.

      Heh. A massage. Ah, sooooo much time.

  4. Phyllis

    ps: if you can use some “book” money and get yourself at least an upper body massage, with hot rocks if you can. it’ll feel soooo good. (selfishly I want my favorite writer feeling good so she can keep writing about our favorite characters with all the grace and heart she has so far shown). Γ·) !!

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