TJ Update: Eric’s Location

TJ writes: In less than 12 hours, you all have raised an additional $12,000 for Eric. I don’t care how much it was any one person donated, whether it was a single dollar or more, trust me when I say it has helped immensely. I can only say thank you again, and it feels so small in the face of such generosity. But thank you.

Our case manager has worked out a deal with the medical transport company who are giving us a significant discount for a medical flight for Eric. Normal something like this would cost tens of thousands of dollars, but she went to bat for us and it was reduced to around eight thousand. Once we confirm the new facility will take Eric in, he will be moved, and it should happen rather quickly. Not ready to say where quite yet in case it falls through and we have to go a different route. But because of you, Eric’s chances of regaining his health have increased exponentially. When we make it through this, it will because you all helped bring him back to me.

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