A Bump In The Road: Eric Update

TJ writes:

When you are in a partnership, things usually have to be equal to work. But sometimes, the needs of one outweigh the other.

Before I left work on Wednesday, it was made clear to me that I can’t keep missing work for too much longer. I have to work to support us. I am not mad at my employer. I understand completely where they are coming from.

Couple that with the need to find Eric the best possible care, I have to put his needs above my own wishes.

That being said, on Monday, Eric will be moved to a facility in Ohio that can hopefully get him the care he needs. His family is only an hour away and I have been assured people will be with him every day because I won’t be able too anymore. I will go out as often as I can.

Eric agreed with this decision. I told him this was just a bump in our journey together. He told me he loved me.

But make no mistake. He might be going away from here, but it is not for good. He is my home and I am his. That is all that matters.

19 thoughts on “A Bump In The Road: Eric Update

  1. Devony

    Yeah…still feel bad for them tho.
    It is awesome T.J. Can hold onto the positive 🙂 He’s got the long view in sight & hopefully that will offset the sucky parts.
    Btw…I know Eric has folk that will be with him, but what about Teej? Will have his friends nearby to keep him company while they are apart?

  2. Devony

    Wouldn’t a transporter be handy now?…he could be with Eric & still juggle his job!
    Hmm or maybe Teej would rather not have one available? *has sudden image of continual drop ins from complete strangers* …hehehe

  3. Leisa

    Reminds me of something Tj wrote in Bear Otter and the Kid:“You were the only thing that made me feel safe when the earthquakes threatened to break me. I needed you here because when you’re not here, I don’t have a home.”

  4. Theresa

    Pragmatism comes into play, such a difficult scenario for both TJ and Eric.

    But if this is better for Eric in his recovery then it’s worthwhile.

    Can I ask from here in Australia, where is TJ and how far is he from Ohio.

    I made another donation this evening. I hope it helps towards TJ visiting Eric.

    All the best for them both.


    1. Leisa

      It’s roughly 750 km, maybe more or less depending on precisely where in Ohio the hospital is located. With most visits over weekends since Tj is working weekdays, he will need to fly.

    2. Leisa has it right. He’ll have to fly from Ohio to Virginia. It would take about 7 hours to drive it. He COULD do it but probably not in the winter. Too dangerous really. *nods*

  5. Marilyn Adam

    TJ will still have all of us to root for him and give him our online support – I hope that will help.

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