Call for Help: TJ and Eric Update

Tj Klune shared a link: “Eric Arvin Support Fund”: “I don’t like to ask for things. I am proud like that, to a fault. But I need to set that aside for Eric and his health.

Plans are being set in motion to move Eric from this awful hospital. Unfortunately, such a move to another facility is going to fall and Eric and I to cover, as it is not considered a medical necessity.

The cold reality of this too is even though that number already says 41k, half of that is already gone. Over a month into this, we have had to pay for flights And hotels and gas and food and dozens of other things to keep friends and family close.

If you can help, please do. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for what you have done, but this road he and I are on has only just begun. If you can’t, that is okay. Your kind words have been a great comfort to all of us.


Link to Fund

6 thoughts on “Call for Help: TJ and Eric Update

  1. Nancy

    I have given now 3 times. That and kind words is all I have. I feel so fucking helpless, Rhys. So damned fucking helpless.

    1. I am too, love. Mostly it was just a call out from Teej I was passing along. Really your best wishes count SO much. And God, I know how you feel. *HUGS*

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