Sinner’s Gin Now Available on Audible!

Sinners AudioSinner’s Gin is now an audiobook! It’s been released first on Audible and will be out on iTunes and Amazon in a bit.

It’s kind of a shock to hear someone reading what you’ve written. And kinda cool.

I’ve been listening to audiobooks during the plague because I tend to get cross eyed when I’m tired. They’ve been lovely and I’ve been enjoying them.

So if you’re into them and wanna hear Kane and Miki go at in in the comfort of your ears, grab a copy. I’ve listened to the sample. I really like his intonation.

Now, this is really a cool thing and so much of it is because of you guys. I thank you so so much for liking the series and the boys. Thank you for your support.

I’ve got to see what promo I could be running with this. *grins* And Whiskey and Wry will be coming along in a bit as well.

Link to Audible

10 thoughts on “Sinner’s Gin Now Available on Audible!

  1. voyagerrenee8

    I love the audio…and I’m picky about narrators! Question: Do you know why Amazon doesn’t offer immersion reading? I love switching back and forth between listening & reading. Either way, this is AWE-some! Can’t wait for W&R and Dirty Deeds!! <3

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