TJ and Eric Update

Tj Klune updated his status: “As of today, we’ve been in this ICU for 24 days.

Every day Eric’s getting just a little bit better.

This morning, he looked more like himself than at any other time I’ve seen him since this started, smiling and waggling his eyebrows at me and the nurses.

I am filled with a great hope.”

8 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update

  1. Nancy

    Rhys, thank you for introducing so many of us to these gorgeous men beyond the printed page. And thank you even more for keeping us in their loop. You are an angel.

  2. Phyllis

    Hang in there TJ. Get all the rest you can. From experience ICUs are extremely busy and tiring places.
    Know that you are not alone in spirit. We are all with you and praying for both of you.
    *Hugs* :》
    Thanks, Rhys, for keeping us so well updated. *HUGS* :-》

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