TJ and Eric Update: Post-Surgery

From TJ: Eric’s out of surgery. The Dr thinks he got all of the hemangioma off the brain stem. We won’t know what function he has retained until he wakes up over the next couple of days. But it seems to me that the doctor was optimistic.

He’s here though. That’s all that matters to me.

14 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update: Post-Surgery

  1. Devony

    That is great news! Here’s hoping he wakes soon & T.J. Gets his “Teej” from Eric 🙂
    Holding you both in my thoughts & sending healing mojo your way!

  2. Devony

    *crosses fingers & toes*…I so want their New Year to start out from the best case scenario!

  3. Lisa

    Wonderful news! I’ve been thinking about them all day long. Thanks for posting these updates. Will continue to send positive thoughts and healing prayers their way. 🙂

  4. Chris

    I have cried more tears over the past weeks for people I don’t even know. Your love shines through your words. Gd bless you both.

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