TJ and Eric Update

From TJ:

At work for the first time since this all started. Eric Arvin won’t be having any procedures for a bit, so I am home for the next couple of days trying to place catch up. He is resting comfortably today following the tracheotomy yesterday. The final scan we are waiting for should arrive via courier at some point this morning. I have already warned everyone at the hospital that I will be texting every ten minutes.

I was told by my employer when I got in today that I do not qualify for FMLA since Eric and I are not legally married. FMLA is what protects your job when an emergency arises and you need to take extended leave. Just when I was about to lose it, my boss told me that it didn’t matter what the law said, that they were going to let me have as much time off as I need and I don’t need to worry about my job in the slightest. I couldn’t ask for a better employer.

I have enough vacation time to cover for a couple of weeks, so I don’t have to worry about paychecks for a while. But you have all made the fundraiser go over 31K yesterday, so I know we have a cushion there. I can’t thank you enough.

7 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update

  1. Devony

    I am so glad TJs boss is supporting them…can you imagine if they had been asses the wrath that would have befallen them?! * has visions of all Eric’s & TJ’s friends & family descending with torches & pitchforks*… Oh that would have just been ugly!*winces*…and so painful. Hehehe

  2. Is is possible for someone to tell if they know what is wrong with Eric? I haven’t been able to find out, but then maybe it is not known? I pray that all goes well and the there is happy ending.

    1. Hi hi! Nothing definitive is known but as soon as TJ tells us, I’ll share it. So far, Eric’s at least comfortable and family / friends are there with them 😀

  3. Renee

    Thanks Rhys for keeping us updated. I was wondering what the diagnosis was too, but figured if they knew or wanted us to know, they’d say. Please continue to pass on the hugs to both of them. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Get better soon!

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