5 thoughts on “Ah, The Holidays

  1. devony31

    Lmao! OMG I want those elves;D…but the dude with the muppet?! O-o…so wrong!*shakes head* Thanks for sharing that*hug*

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      1. devony31

        Wow…I am a dork.Did not notice the nifty message thingy on the blog.
        Well ya learn something new every day;)

  2. Whitley

    OMG! I was wondering about this vid. I know that blue haired Lush at the beginning saying ‘take my money’. Of course, you would be the one to help me see the finished product of all the sneak peaks I have seen. hehehe. You know there is gay in a man’s life if he wears Andrew Christian. Yay!

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