8 thoughts on “Just. Watch.

  1. Louise

    Tears. Oh my! Love it. Thanks for sharing. As the parent of a “special” kid, it warms my heart to see this. I’ve seen the outcome of what just a little bit of love and compassion can do for my special girl from one of her peers. Sniffle. <3

  2. Cathy Romanczuk

    This made me cry too! I have two children with special needs and I really appreciate when their “normal” peers take the time and effort to help them fit in.

  3. Carolyn

    This has been sitting in my inbox, and I’ve kept it there waiting to click the link. I was cleaning up emails tonight and finally took the time to watch. The whole thing killed me, but right at the end when his mom said she didn’t even know, that was the capper. Just wow. Beautiful kids right there.

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