My mom got new anthurium tables. Well, they’re new to her. Guy sold them to her for 20 each. They go for about 200 each. She’s quite happy with them so she sent me a video so I could see them. So… my mom’s tables.

And if you turn up the volume, you can hear her humming to herself. This is a bad habit we both have. I also sometimes start singing La la la to myself in outbursts. Don’t ask. It just is.

6 thoughts on “Tables!

  1. Patricia

    So cool! On our porch there is one pot of anthuriums which I got for my Mom’s anniversary, even though Dad had passed away some years ago. And the humming/singing thing! It’s when you’re contented!

  2. Amazon Doc

    Growing benches like that are great. I got some similar ones at an auction when a local nursery shut down, but mine aren’t that tall. I’m sure she’ll get many years of enjoyment out of them!

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