Such a nice response to the Sinner’s Gin City Tour. Woot. Thank you all.

In case you haven’t entered, here’s the link.


I’m not commenting on the individual comments because well, it’s easier to do random number drawings if I’m not all over the place in it. *grins* So we can use this one for any bantering.

There will be other cities besides the three chosen so chances are, some place near you… hopefully… will be included. And yes, even if you live in a small town some place, if you win… you can bring Sinner’s Gin there.

*grins* They’re good like that.

Hopefully Whiskey and Wry will be up for pre-sale soon. As soon as I get the notice, I’ll post the link. Very nervous about this book. Really hope you all like it. WOOOOOT!

And Writer Cat Yoshi would like to wish you all a good morning. Apparently my laptop is for sitting on. Sheesh.

4 thoughts on “Whooooosh.

    1. Heh. Claudia is kind of based on a woman named Mary. She’s absolutely a delight to write for. I am glad to have her back in Dirty Deeds.

  1. kefrayba

    In Dirty series, all the main characters were already in hospital once in each book. I hope this did not create a trend, since you will ran out of characters to send to and able to leave the hospital 😛

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