Of Books and Men

Finished Racing for the Sun by Amy Lane. Need to leave a review. Liked it a lot. Even if I was sitting there going… what the fuck is between Santee and Lakeside. *ducks and grins* NOTHING! SHE’S RIGHT! Heh

I did like it. It was a decent book. I liked the unveiling of the characters’ traumas and the blending in of the racing world. I dunno about the hotness of a Taurus SHO but yeah, people really like those chassis to run down the line. All in all, a really good book. *grins*

Typical Amy Lane characters, broken but finding their strength or finding their way. Some lead-in to another book and ah, I do adore Jai. He’s adorable. I think I know one or two of him in my life. *laughs*

Started Tats of Honour by Vona Logan. I just got started. It was late last night and I just had to crash but so far, I really like it. Writing is good and I can see where the writer’s taking the thread so that’s nice. It’ll be interesting once the main cee runs into someone else. Like I’ve said, I’ve JUST started.

Having a lot of ink myself, it’s always interesting to read how other authors view ink and their purpose. It’s such a personal thing. Really, I enjoy reading other viewpoints so much. I’m looking forward to going through this book. I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far.

Beginning to look for cover models for Black Dog Blues. I hate my life. No really, staring at guys really is a bitch because you have this IDEA in your head about what the character looks like and you really can’t find anyone to match that. And well, I don’t know any hot guys who I can line up in a lava field or something to pose like they’re gunning for something.

Wish me luck.

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    1. Well mostly I look for them in stock photo sites since I’m building the cover right now. For Kai, I’m just going by feel. Um…. I don’t usually have a picture to start with. *grins* Sometimes I’m lucky like with Whiskey and Wry and other times, I have a hard time of it. Like today. *grins*

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