WOOOOOT! Release the Screaming Camel!

Fish and Ghosts Book is done. Put a fork in it.

Edits later. First, sleep….coffee… a book cover for Black Dog Blues…some edits there and um… did I mention sleep?

13 thoughts on “WOOOOOT! Release the Screaming Camel!

  1. Kat

    Smooches seems to be the word of the day, so BIG SMOOCHES! <3
    I will pre-ordering this as soon as it goes up. I need a new Rhys fix, STAT.

    1. Smoooooches and hugs. Heh. MORE SMOOOOOCHES!

      Hopefully it’ll release all on the same day. Amazon, B&N and Smashwords have issues coordinating. So we shall see! *grins* WOOOOOT! Heh πŸ˜€ Cover reveal should be coming soon.

  2. Sorry rhys, what book is this? Been very busy with school and 2 jobs, so im behind with updates. You can write about someone taking a shit and i still want to read it! Congratulations on finishing a book i have no clue about!!!:)

    1. Oh dear you are BUSY! *hugs*

      Um… Black Dog Blues will be released in mid-late June. The cover is being finished up right now and blurbs will be happening πŸ˜€

      Fish and Ghosts is the book I just finished. I’m letting that one sit for a bit while I work on the Steampunk short I have planned. Then edits on F/G then off to Dirty Deeds πŸ˜€

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