Tonight’s Dinner: Roast Beast

Tonight’s dinner was a lazy dinner. Tossed a marinated roast beast into the oven with golden potatoes. Now we’ve got the Aristocats playing on the telly as I’m writing a kiss in this chapter.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Roast Beast

  1. Sadonna

    You know if I didn’t live 1800 miles or so away, I’d be inviting myself over to dinner 😉

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Oh yum. Beef. Potatoes. Is this your version of an Irish feast?
    The Aristocats for inspiring a kiss? Well I’ll be…

    1. Nah we had corned beef the other day. 😀 The potatoes had to be used or they were going to get all Argus on me.

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