End of Hottest Guys’ In Series Poll

Our Winner for the drawing is Abby! Please email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com and we can work out where you’d like your gift certificate!

AND you guys kill me. Really? A tie? REALLY?

I shoulda voted. I could have been the deciding vote!

Thank you all for playing. The poll received 550 votes total I believe. And you people really have it in for Cole’s bed.

10 thoughts on “End of Hottest Guys’ In Series Poll

  1. Amanda Seal

    Well ya know that bed had it coming. I curious to see how long the new one will last .

  2. StephanieS

    That was a JUST outcome. I can’t believe that you asked us to choose! I couldn’t even vote! I love them all and looking forward to future reads.

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