So… What DOES A Rhys Look Like?

Well, since I finally have some headshots…sorta… I thought I’d post them here and on Facebook. My mom wanted recent photos so these were a part of her Holiday pressie.

My beloved chibi Ren took these. We’d spent more than an hour doing the whole formal headshot and nonsense then finally zero fucks were being given and we just tossed all that shit out the window. I’m not much on formal. I’m just not.

There’s a pond behind us. Apparently it was the Gay Turtle Bathhouse because there was some smexing and farting going on behind me. All it needed was a disco ball and boom shaka laka music.

Terrifying. And hilarious.

The formal standard poses were hideous. I just am not a very serious person in aspect. I feel much more relaxed in a casual setting. Also, neither one of us had enough coffee in us and I think we were getting lightheaded from the lack. No really. LACK OF COFFEE IS A CRIPPLING MORNING CONDITION. Do not mock me. It’s even got statistics behind it. Or something.

36 thoughts on “So… What DOES A Rhys Look Like?

  1. Sadonna

    Oh these are BEAUTIFUL! Great job. I hate having my picture taken. These look really natural and gorgeous!

      1. seijikat

        Ha! I took graveyard photos Saturday night before heading out to spin a Miki/Kane inspired goth set. TRUE STORY. I’ve been doing recent sets based on characters I’ve been reading in books. /dorky fan girl.

        The photos are gorgeous, you have a wonderful smile. ^_____^

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Fun times. Happy smile. Thanks for the peek…and the farting frogs in the background ;-D

  3. Denni

    The informal background is perfect for you *smexing turtles aside* Nice pics, bet your mom loves them!

  4. Leigh

    OMGosh, Rhys!! These pics are BEAUTIFUL and awesome!!! I love them!! Thank you for sharing! Your friend is an excellent photographer, too! 🙂

  5. What Monica said — you’re totally cute and not what I expected. I guess I imagined some girl with whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other, shotgun strapped to her back and hair shaved into stripes on one side of her head, and dyed pink. Not sure where that image came from. But anyway, they’re really nice pics — the background contrasts wonderfully with your hair and complexion.

    It’s always fun to see the real person, especially when they don’t look like you expect. And yes, I’m being a hypocrite about my own author photos, which were taken over a year ago, but I’ve been too afraid to look — I do NOT photograph well…..

    1. I’ve HAD pink hair. It’s a bitch to get my hair bleached out enough to get a good colour to take and well, Corporate America… you know. *grins* Heh….

      I do like whiskey. No cigar though. Shotgun is optional. Um… you have to remember, these were for my mother and really, kinda just who I am. I try to balance out the off-brain with some common sense. Sometimes. Maybe. Right now I’m in a Sinfest shirt, drinking coffee and murdering people on page while listening to GDragon sing One Of A Kind. So… take that as you will. *laughs*

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