Five Stars to Blood Red Butterfly by Josh Lanyon

Blood Red ButterflyBlood Red Butterfly by Josh Lanyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have had the honour of reading this novella by Josh prior to its release and with the full disclaimer of professing my deep, abiding affection and worship for Josh’s writing, I wanted to jot down a few praises for this book.

Regardless of said affection, Blood Red Butterfly is a fantastic jump back into the world of Josh’s writing. Having been gone on a self-imposed semi-hiatus, Lanyon returns to us with an exciting, complicated tale of gay men struggling through cultural differences and with loving another man.

The suspense in this novella is tight and the reader is taken on a short, sweet ride through murder and intrigue, culminating with an action sequence most Hollywood films would envy.

Fantastic read. Good pacing. Great characters. Grab the book when it comes out and spend a day with Lanyon. You won’t regret it.

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6 thoughts on “Five Stars to Blood Red Butterfly by Josh Lanyon

  1. Anna

    I love Josh. I learn so much from his writing. Good thing for iPads because I keep having to Google his references, which is awesome. And I love that he incorporates references to music in his writing. Now some of my favorite bands are ones he referred to. Oh and of course some awesome Korean bands from you! Wish I knew what they were singing.

    1. Sometimes, it’s okay not to know. 😀 *grins* There’s a bit about a gingerbread man and puppies and cream that makes us die. 😀

      *hugs* Heh. Josh is awesome.

  2. Anna

    I asked my Korean friend what this one song was about and she said she couldn’t understand. Something abt immigrating too young. Very disappointing.

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