Golden Curry

I can go into how to make a curry and corn starch mixture but really when it all comes down to it, I suggest just getting a package of Golden Curry.

Why? Because it comes in different heat levels and you can control it as you need it. Get a jar of green curry…Madras curry is fine… so you can add more of a curry punch to the stew if you want.

If you really wanna know how to mix your curry, sadly… I have to teach you in person. A lot of it is taste, mix then taste. Then simmer.

Oh, I do add a dash or seven of Siracha to my curry because when it’s all said and done, that vinegar/pepper heat is lovely.

2 thoughts on “Golden Curry

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I am familiar with that “Golden Curry” brand. We don’t do the grinding of the spices with mortar and pestle. I favor the hot Madras curry, as I lived in Madras. (it is disguised with a new name, Chennai) Every curry meal turns out different, there is no formula for me.

    1. Yep…. it’s pretty much comes down to the blending of curries as to what you like. *grins* I like a bit more of a punch. *nods* Madras curry is really good.

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