8 thoughts on “This is Brilliant….

  1. Sadonna

    That was SOOO awesome last night! Have you seen the vid of Psy doing the song on the Today Show in September with David Gregory and the rest of the Today Show staff doing the dance at the end? David looks like a frickin’ giant! I had no idea he was so tall. It’s hilarious!

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Hmmm….can’t get excited by a dance move my friends and I did as grade-schoolers when we pretended we were HORSE RIDERS. But it’s innocent fun and joyous movement…..er, dancing. Give me more of G Dragon, please.

    1. Heh… they went thru a bunch of animals till they decided Horse really captured the Gangnam lifestyle *grins* It was gonna be snake. I shall find you a G-Dragon video before I go get coffee and finish the last chapter of Dirty Laundry.

  3. Mel

    lol~ did he borrow Jaejoongs “THE BEGINNING”-pants? ^-^

    btw…I miss your entries/stories on livejournal ♥ please drop by soon?

    1. Heh…. I’ve been slammed busy with writing. And yes, I need to drop by LJ soon, ne?

      I think he stole MC Hammer’s old pants *grins*

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