Because G-Dragon Has Been Requested…

Patricia wanted more GD. So….here he is.

This is a half hour “Live” show G-Dragon he did for the Launch of his last mini-album. It is Subbed with English. Hopefully that carries over when I embed it. He’s a bit of a dork.

GD with his best friend, Taeyang…another member of Big Bang. They’ve been friends since they were very young.

Acoustic That XX



9 thoughts on “Because G-Dragon Has Been Requested…

  1. ruslana

    he has really nice skin. love all the girls singing in the background. ah to be a teenager again!

    1. Heh. He’s in his mid-twenties. *grins* I think Asian skin is one of two ways… much acne or no acne. I got thru puberty without any zits *grins*

  2. Treasure

    As pretty as I think these guys all are, from G Dragon to Choi DongWook to Siwon, does Korea have other music? heavy metal, hard rock? less pop and more rock is what I was thinking of

    1. They do. I shall have to spotlight some on a blog. *grins* I tend to need upbeat to write. For rock I usually hit up Japan and well, America. Some UK stuff *laughs*

  3. Treasure

    Japanese Heavy Metal? Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to that post. I always need new material. I’m an earbuds in all the time kind of worker, so I go through music quickly

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