In a Se7en Kind Of Mood….

I’m at the final chapters of Dirty Laundry and I’m in a Se7en kind of mood while I’m writing. If I’ve not introduced you to Se7en (Choi DongWook), please accept my sincere apologies for I suck. He’s a very very pretty boy. Also quite shy and cute. Met him at a signing in Los Angeles. Very sweet.

Photo shoot

La La La

I’m going Crazy. Giving you one with Eng Subs for this one.

I Know.

4 thoughts on “In a Se7en Kind Of Mood….

  1. Treasure

    Very interesting. Is he styled by the same group styling and producing Big Bang and G Dragon? It sounds like there are some similarities but his look is a little rougher and it sounds like more rock to his music

    1. He is in the same entertainment group as GDragon and his group, Big Bang. It’s YG Entertainment. YG tends to produce more “musicians” and free-style singers than the other entertainment groups who tend to “package” idols and idol groups. PSY is a part of YG. 😀 Se7en mentored GD and the other Big Bang members. They often star on one another’s solo albums.

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