The Beauty of Hyde

Someone asked me about rock.. specifically Korean rock but oh, I think I’ve got to share with you one of my deepest loves.


Hyde is a complicated and busy kind of guy. He’s the lead singer and a founding member of L’arc-en-Ciel, a foundational rock group in Japan. They’re also known as Laruku but that’s kind of a nickname but if you hear it, that’s the group they’re talking about. They were formed in 1991 and pretty much laid down a can of whoop-ass on Japan’s music scene.

Laruku’s stuff covers a wide range. They experiment sometimes and have even drifted off into punk. But they pretty much are a rock band.

L’arc-en-Ciel playing Madison Square Garden. I love this song. Ready Steady Go.

Hyde also decided he wanted a bit more… hard rock. So he went and did a solo album. One of my favourites of these is 666. Now, 6 in Japanese is roku. So the album’s name pretty much isn’t just the “number of the beast” but also ROCK ROCK ROCK.. or Roku Roku Roku.

This is Hello from Hyde’s solo efforts.

Not satisfied with being lazy and only doing L’arc and solo work, he’s done a few side projects, most notably, a power group called VAMPS with guitarist Kaz. Their stuff is probably the closest to bar rock as you’ll find in Japan.

Now people LOVE Hyde. Really, he’s a very sweet guy and well, on stage, he’s liquid sex. I can attest to this. I’ve seen him in concert and we were right up against the stage. He works the crowd and loves his fans. I think we all left the place very pregnant.

Here’s a few things from VAMPS.


Love Addict


One day, I’ll talk to you about one of Hyde’s friends in debauchery…Gackt.

21 thoughts on “The Beauty of Hyde

  1. Patricia Grayson

    An antidote to the up-coming food fest overstuffed aftermath doldrums — Hyde. Oh we’re not in Kansas any more are we, Rhys?
    No, I haven’t even turned on the vid and sound yet!

  2. ruslana

    It’s really unfair when guys look better in make-up then I do. 🙂 Don’t get me started on G-Dragon!

      1. ruslana

        so i have been plyaing crayon for all of my friends. then i have to explain to them that it’s korean pop. and they like it! it’s been on replay on my phone for a while now. 🙂

  3. treasure

    No fair. How am I supposed to continue to explain what clear and legible means when all this pretty is waiting for me. With! A wailing guitar and a bass line

  4. Patricia Grayson

    Now I’ve listened and watched to Hyde and his friends…..dumbfounded….and the rockin girls in the audience had me smiling…
    He’s something.

    1. He’s really great in concert. It’s like a loud, rocking house party with a bunch of close friends and really, he’s quite sweet. *grins*

  5. Treasure

    Gotta admit sweet is not the first thing that comes to mind when I see him move. I love the combination of japanese and american lyrics. And if anyone else is inerested Amazon does have some of the music in their MP3 store. And Gackt? OMG he’s …he’s well I don’t have the words but some one probably does. Both of them on stage at the same time and those fire works rock stars travel with? Not needed

    1. Sweet… and… um… yeah smexy. But really he’s cute. During the San Diego show he asked the crowd what there was to do in San Diego… it was a very small, intimate show. Less than 400 people SOOOOOO cool! Someone shouted TACOS. Hyde look confused and squished his fingers in the air and said… TAKO? (octopus)… then after a few seconds his face lit up and he said… OH TACO! and made a folding up gesture with his hand.

      A giant laugh was had by all.

      Gackt. NOM.

    1. Three years ago? They played down at SOMA by the Sports Arena. The last time VAMPS came in they played Los Angeles… The Avalon. FANTASTIC Show! That was last year I believe. I’ll have to go look. The crowd was damned fun!

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