Husbands…or “The Greatness of Cheeks” (#gocheeksgo #HUSBANDS)

Since my beloved sister-in-Coffee-Lust/h is Amish…I am posting these here. Husbands is a brilliant comedy written and starring Brad Bell, a lovely man and a fantastic actor. His fellow writer comes from Buffy fame, the witty and adorable Jane Espenson. Seth Hemeon plays Cheek’s out and sorta proud husband, a professional baseball player. Check out the episodes of season two and play name that guest star and where you know them from. Also, visit the youtube channel for Husbands and see the Behind the Scenes and watch season one. You can watch season 2 without watching season 1 first. I did.

Episodes are in order. Probably NSFWish. Maybe.




8 thoughts on “Husbands…or “The Greatness of Cheeks” (#gocheeksgo #HUSBANDS)

  1. Thou art da bomb, friend Pookie. Wait… is that Quaker? Amish? Maybe it’s a Quamish mish-mash. :-/

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Hmmmm…..Thanks for bringing this delight to my attention. Had NO IDEA!

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