GRL 2012. Heather and Rhysu

I’m adding a picture of the wonderful Heather and me. God I look like I have no neck. Honestly, I do. I was all puffy-cheeks and body this weekend. Needed more water. *coffs* and less alcohol. Seriously, it was a drink all night kind of weekend. *grins*

Heather is in pink. I’m the half-asleep one in black.

17 thoughts on “GRL 2012. Heather and Rhysu

    1. Oh god I was so… lacking water, sleep and anything without alcohol in it by the second day.

      Trust me… I was all…. whut? Huh? *grins*

  1. Treasure

    Wow you look very young. At least in that photo. To me. Of course I’m at that age when every body looks like their barely out of twinkdom. But still young. Very very young.

  2. OOOOOH the two people I wanted to see pics of = our infamous HC and Rhy who I never knew was male or female till lately (blush).

    1. Ah, people keep saying that. Heh… I’m female. I guess it’s not anything I ever think about, you know? My mother thinks I’m more masculine but they… her and every other female in the family… are all pretty, little pink things 😀

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