GayRomLit 2012 or How to Survive a Bacchanal.

Landed in San Diego last night. Stayed up long enough to make sure everyone I knew who was flying had landed and was either in bed or heading home. Then I died. Passed out.

First off, Heather, Nikyta, Sadonna, Marguerite, Jay and sheesh everyone whom I met and didn’t catch names you all rock. If you leave me a note to tell me your name, I’ll add it to the list…any my apologies for the brain dead. Damn, okay I’ve not had enough sleep so there you go. And Cole Riann from Armchar Reader. SUCH A DELIGHT! And damn it! HOW COULD I FORGET BOXSTER SUSH!? You were love! Are Love. I need more coffee.

Jacob Z. Flores and His Husband, Bruce

I’ll be honest in saying I hadn’t expected to really have anyone approach me so I’m still kind of overwhelmed at meeting all of you. So thank you. Very much. It was a blast.

And for those of you who weren’t at GRL, secrets were leaked. But what is said at GRL…well it can be gossiped about.

GRL was a LOT about talking about books. With fans and other authors. Most of the authors, including myself, were doing the boobie name tag check, gasp of OHMYFUCKINGGODILOVEYOURBOOKS and then hugging the author. James Buchanan is just so fucking seriously cool. Love her. Aleksandr Voinov is so fricking classy and adorable. Aleks, I shall send you Bisquick and tell you how to wait for the small bubbles to rise and pop before flipping over the pancakes. Rowan Speedwell… SO MUCH LOVE. PM Singer is adorable.

Amy Lane and Ariel Tachna

My partners in crime from Yaoi Con, Amy Lane, Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes and EM Lynley, were still and always will be fricking incredible. It was good to see them again. Wave from Jessewave… god she was so sweet. I adored meeting her. Ethan Day… he is so cute. TJ Klune I wanted to take home with me. He’s adorable.

Amy Lane and I were always ships passing and hugging. She was a whirlwind and we were passing snark across the aisle of the Writers Meet. I did however get to feel alpaca fur donated by Felix the Alpaca. Soooooo nice.

My tablemate at the signing was the glorious Jacob Z. Flores who is an incredible up and coming author for Dreamspinner. He and his husband Bruce are seriously the most delightful, fantastic people. I wanted to steal them and take them home. They were our dining companions for two nights, along with Jamie Fessenden, DH Starr, Michele from Top2Bottom Reviews, Rick R Reed and Lisa Horan whom I will glorify like the angel she is later.

Bonnie, Rick, Michele, Lisa and a very round me.

The first night dinner we were at Embers and thankfully we had a private dining area… someone please remind me to shut the fuck up when my brain becomes unhinged. I demand it. *nods*. Dear God…. Second night saw Ariel Tachna join us and Bonnie was a delightful addition to our evening’s group.

Jamie introduced the frozen cosmo to the Hard Rock Albuquerque bartending crew and they were drunk all night and then on to the next day.

I gave away swag… which I’ll offer to you guys as soon as I get my crap together. Really, they are small purple poufs with a card and tagline. I only had to bring about 20 back. Life is good.

Honestly, I could go down the authors’ list and just put stars near everyone’s name. Rick Reed however does owe me a picture of him in his knickers while in the hot tub. Just saying.

Food was eaten. Drinks were had. Stories were told. Stories were made. And songs were sung. The piano cabaret was fricking hilariously good and um… Sorry about your eardrums, Shira. Jacob and Bruce were there… I cannot tell you how much I love and adore these men. God, LOVE THEM.

Lisa Horan who is a fantastic person and an angel. SERIOUSLY. My Sister in Coffee Lust.

Now I have to donate a huge section of love to my roommate Lisa Horan from The Novel Approach. She put up with all my crap, my babbling, my need for coffee, my spinning brain, and my scattered attention. We’ve been friends for about two years now and meeting for the first time in the skin and bone was fucking incredible. She is warm, sweet and delightful. A delectable personality and I can admit that I was going to end Dirty Laundry one way but while lying in bed thinking about it, I couldn’t do that to Lisa. *grins* So I’ll write just beyond that point.

I do not have the cold Rowan Speedwell, Clare London and Lisa caught. I’m sure it’ll arrive tomorrow.

Okay, off to write the rest of Chapter 13 of DL. Wish me luck. *winks*

I hope that we see more of you there next year. It’s in Atlanta. If you are in the area…and even don’t do the con… if I am there, let me know. We can do coffee or something. *hugs you all*

Oh and I’ve stolen Lisa’s photos since I didn’t take any. I’m a bad Asian. Did not bring camera. MUAH HAH HAH!

26 thoughts on “GayRomLit 2012 or How to Survive a Bacchanal.

  1. Oh my God, look, I’m holding a $20 bill in that picture, proof that I paid you to say all those wonderful things about me. 😀

    I seriously love you beyond what should be humanly possible. I’ll share a hotel room and coffee lust with you anytime, honey. (Ha! I almost typed “lush” rather than “lust”, which would’ve been entirely appropriate too. ::gin sweats::) ^_^

    You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my crackers, the raisins to my oatmeal, the mints to my coffee breath, and I adore you! ::mwah::

    1. I think we were all holding twenties to ward off restraining orders, weren’t we? Wasn’t it a blast? Even with no sleep and creeping in colds, it was fricking incredible. Barring Beads and Fetish shops of course.*winks*

      You are the shoyu to my rice, the boba to my slushi and the cream in my espresso. AND yes, LUSH is a good word for our coffee addiction. WHAT THE HELL? NO COFFEE MAKERS IN THE ROOMS? PFAH. Estrella needed the tips though. Next time, we bring our own if we can’t ensure one in the room. Damn it! Heh…

      Cinnamon to my cinnamon toast! And NIN’s Closer IS a DAMNED appropriate song for a sing-along. *Sniffs*. Heathens. *grins*

      1. Yes, the lack of in-room coffee maker was distressing. WTH? Don’t they know?! Hmph.

        Boba to Slushi? Is that some sort of weird Star Wars thing? Boba Fett eating shaved ice with sugary syrup on it? You have to say things in Amish, woman!

      1. Coffee. I should brew some so we can pretend to have our coffee together.

        You now you love the damn stuff when you’d prefer to guzzle it to the last drop than to commit the sin of dumping it down the sink. 🙂

  2. Verena

    I’ve heard so many great things about GRL and I really really really wish I could have been there. Sounds like you had an awesome time. Maybe one day I’m lucky enough to get to meet you. 🙂

  3. Boxtersushi

    Meeting you in person was one of the highlights during my time at GRL2012. It was such a surprise to look up over dinner and see you across the table. Thanks again for the books… can’t wait to read the next one! (Ps thanks for the extra poufs already spreading cheer.) LE

    1. YES! I knew I had to add someone else! And It was driving me NUTS! FRICKING NUTS!

      Heh…. You rocked! And dude, poufs for the win! *hugs*

  4. It was SOOOOO AWESOME meeting you!! I had a total fan girl moment! I had a few pics of you and I but I can’t find them now 🙁

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