2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Gumbo

  1. Patricia Grayson

    My hubby ate gumbo today in a Florida restaurant, and we talked about recipes. I said I would try to fix gumbo for us at home, and he said, you can put ANYTHING in it. His had cod and shrimp and lots of tomatoes, garlic and onions. Your picture looks like a totally different, light soup, and very tasty. Even your (shudder) okra looks good, not overdone. Bon appetit!

    1. You CAN put anything in gumbo. This is pressure cookered chicken w/ onions, garlic and celery. You can put it to simmer for a while but I was lazy so I used the pressure cooker. Sauteed chopped sausage, green peppers, more garlic and more onion till brown.

      We have a tri-bowl slow cooker. Link at the bottom.

      All of it goes in… including the chicken stock. Add more stock. Toss in sausage and veggies. The okra is fresh. Chop off the ends and tops and sautee it in the sausage grease just to brown the outsides. Toss that into the cooker too. Add quartered tomatoes. Salt and pepper.

      Cook up some roux… flour in pan until caramel. Then add slowly. Um….. simmer for hours. Serve over rice.

      There you go.


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