G-Dragon “Crayon”

Most of you probably are beginning to wonder what’s in my CD case. Or in my media player. Well, actually a pretty wide range of music but when I write the Dirty series, it’s Korean. Okay sometimes VAST and BMRC but mostly… Korean.

And by now, you all know of my love for G-Dragon…and his group, Big Bang.

Well, GD’s got another mini-album out. I’ve already shared two of the videos. Here is the third. I love this boy. He’s insane.

4 thoughts on “G-Dragon “Crayon”

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I had my grown son watch this Crayon video, he thought it was pretty crazy. He then directed me to a nuttier one, a man dancing like a horse, giddyup, song’s name like Gangnam? Like watching an Asian “Jack Black” go bonkers.

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