7 thoughts on “Korean Boy Lust

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Is this ALL you ever post to your blog? Oh thank God.
    Thank you , thank you =groans= How did you KNOW I was re-reading
    “Dirty Kiss” last night? Jae-Min chopping vegetables and talking to Cole……..

    1. I sometimes ramble on…and um… talk about the damned cat’s insulin! Once in a while I wax pretentious. *grins*

      Heh… Jae-Min. I need to write more of him nekkid.

  2. ruslana

    ok very hot!!! and very hot!!! I’m assuming that these guys are mainstream artist in Korea. this would never float in the us unless this was in a gay club. so is this normal for Korean music screen? i would watch this all day. again hot!!!! just wondering???

    1. There is a LOT of fanservice (what this kind of touching is called) in Asia, mostly Korea and Japan. Korean men and women don’t really mingle so the boys end up showing a lot of physical affection to one another. They hold hands, touch one another and sometimes do well…naughty thought inducing things. *winks*

      1. ruslana

        That’s pretty interesting. Oh man that means I can’t go to Asia cause I would have an aneurysm if I saw that on the street. It’s bad enough here in NY. My husband has to steer me clear of all the hot guys kissing! 🙂 And more touching please!!!!

    1. Yes, you would suffer. *grins* It’s a horrible thing…men touching one another. A lot. Rubbing up against one another and hugging. Horrible thing that.

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