VICTORY! Tam Kitteh!

Okay, I’m taking my damned victories where I can get them.

After a week and a half of glucose levels in the upper 400s and 500s for the cat, I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and said, “That goddamn antibiotic he’s taking is syrupy. WTF?”

He’s taking two. Amoxicillin (which is okay) and Baytril, which was given to us in a liquid form..and oral suspension that is supposed to taste like bananas.

Which also is quite sticky and crystalized on the botton of the glass jar we put the syringe in.

I decided that he wasn’t going to get the Baytril this morning and put a call in to the vet to see what the oral suspension base was. The Baytril is a once a day syringe so if it had no effect on the afternoon reading, we’d give it to him later.

His morning glucose level was 432. At 9 am. Given 2 mg of insulin but no Baytril.

His afternoon reading? 105.

This is the first time it’s been even under 200. We are doing a happy dance. The vet’s office had to call the lab to see what the suspension is. We are waiting to hear from them. He’s been on the Baytril for two weeks now and they wanted him on it longer. If he needs it, we’re going to pills.

We’ll do a reading again at 9 pm to see if it was a fluke but so far, it’s a no second insulin shot day.

Fucking A.

I will now return to murdering people on the page and smexing up pretty Asian boys.

6 thoughts on “VICTORY! Tam Kitteh!

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Good news about changing Tam Kitteh’s meds. I’m glad he’s improving.
    Your post cheered me up. I just deleted an awful novel from my Kindle, it stunk. The reviews outfoxed me into buying it. Learned something: an author can LOSE if he collaborates with another. His solo book was dynamic, well written and sexy.

  2. Ah, I am glad I cheered you up 😀 His level went back up at nine but I’m hoping it evens out again tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. He is doing great. He’s taken over the dog bed. IT IS HIS! Which is better than he was yesterday. Better spirits. Good weight. And eating yogurt.

    And ah, I just read a book from an author that I was so hoping to enjoy but it wasn’t her best effort. I was all… SAD FACE. Sighs, better luck next book 😀

  3. Treasure

    Congratulations! Baytril is a great antibiotic, but it has some big nasty side effects. There is an antibiotic shot that he may be eligible for that last 2 weeks. For cats that don’t take well to pills and oral it’s a godsend. If he’s eligible it might make life easier for everyone.

    It is going to be like a human diabetic, a high protein very low carb diet works better for controlling his blood sugar.

    1. He’s getting practically no carbs and very little sodium. However this morning his levels were at 600 and he didn’t eat a lot yesterday. He got a 2.0 mg shot of insulin and then nommed his way through most of a can of low sodium tuna. He’s gaining weight like crazy which is good, and he’s not drinking water excessively (he’s still getting a saline IV of 100 cc 2x a day) not urinating constantly so we’re kind of concerned/confused about why his levels are still high. He’s still on the amoxicillin and well, pissed as fucking hell he’s got to be leeched before breakfast *grins*

      I don’t want him to end up in the hospital again because honestly, I’m not sure what else they can do for him that we’re not doing other than checking his blood sugars every hour *grins*.

  4. Treasure

    It took a few months for me to get BG levels under control. Turns out there is an emotional component, my cat’s skyrocketed every time he went to the vet, and until I got better a pricking his ear for the blood drop to test with he was always high in anticipation of the ear prick. the feline diabetes website has a great forum with lots of good ideas for this journey

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