Anxieties and Books

A strange thing happens on the Release Day of a book. That’s when an author realizes absolutely NOTHING is in their control and they begin full scale flailing.

I’m sitting here at a couple of weeks from Dirty Secret’s release and my mind really isn’t on that day. Instead, it’s on chapter five or six of Dirty Laundry and the incoming edits that will be needed for Sinner’s Gin. I’m also thinking about the plotting of Whiskey and Wry and in a few minutes after I’m done with this post, colouring my hair.

My morning was taken up with making coffee and putting Tam Kitteh through the rigours of his new morning. Blood leeching (which is fricking impossible and he hates being held so that doesn’t help one fucking bit), followed by insulin injection, two antibiotics being squirted in his mouth and a saline IV drip. All for some tuna for breakfast. His levels aren’t coming down but the insulin was just raised. It’s a wonder this cat even comes to me any more. But he does. Because he trusts me that I’ll give him some tuna.

I have a friend coming from Singapore on Friday, a coffee date with a very sweet guy friend this afternoon and dim sum with really good friends tomorrow. I have to clean the house and apparently also wash the dogs since the old dog cannot seem to stop bathing his younger brother…which makes younger brother stink to high heaven. Oh…and let’s not forget worshipping and petting the Neko.

And in the midst of this, I have a book coming out.

The book will hit me probably on the day before its release. That’s pretty much how it goes but honestly, I can’t do anything. I can stress that it’s not good, despite what people who have read it already say. I can stress that no one will buy it. And I can REALLY stress out that reviewers will hate it and I will go down in a flaming pile of brown paper bagged dog poo.

But what really matters in this is that Neko needs loving. No really, she just walked across my keyboard to demand a cuddle. Five pounds of furry diva cannot be denied.

So, anxiety will have to wait. I’ll let you know how I am on the 28th. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to wrap Cole’s brain around a mystery he can’t solve and trot a tight-assed Korean boy named Jae in front of him. But ah, I won’t tell you a DAMNED thing about Whiskey and Wry. ‘Cause I’m evil that way.

13 thoughts on “Anxieties and Books

  1. treasure

    And good morning to you too I remember the days of insulin subq fluids and constant blood glucose monitoring so very well. If it helps any my girl did very well with that program for over six years

    And if I may where is Black Dog Blues in these plans?

    And by the way have you noticed by year end you will have a back list?

    1. Ah, Tam HATES it. He really hates being held. It’s the monitoring that’s been a problem. We hope to get that mastered soon. It’s been a week. He’s about ready to push us into the garbage disposal. Thank god for tuna. And the fact he’s a food whore.

      Black Dog Blues, ah…. nothing from Carina. Harper is having an open call starting Oct 1 that will run for two weeks. I’ll toss him in there. If he gets rejected, I think I’m going to toss him into the self-pub route out after getting him professionally edited. I adore his story. And well, I’m not obligated to anyone other than me on him.

      Ah, this year has been crazy. I did finally get into a good headspace to put out some product. *winks* I’m probably also going to do the Silver Fox anthology on DSP. That’s a short that is due in November. I’ll be done with Dirty Laundry by then and will want something to mess with before I plunge into Whiskey and Wry.

      Oh, and I have to find a job. And go see Big Bang. And go to Yaoi Con and GayRomLit. It’ll be nice to have a back list in m/m *grins* Hopefully, I can build on that and keep you entertained. I truly appreciate your being with me on this journey. Can’t thank you all enough.

      1. treasure

        It was a good ten weeks before my girl really adjusted so hang in there it is very doable

    2. Snooks. And oh yes, we’re sticking in there. He’s just not liking us right now. But he’s good natured and eventually forgives us… especially when his belly reminds him we feed him. *grins*

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Your first book is at the top of my list, always. It’s really well done. I have read a lot of mainstream stuff, you know, “bestsellers” and had to kick them across the room in disgust. (luckily didn’t waste my money, just read chapters on preview) If you keep your men consistent in mood and character, it will be great. I’m sure you will. Looking forward to the 28th.
    And as a dog owner, it is always good to hear about your animals. I’m glad your Tam Kitteh is determined and hanging in there.

    1. Ah, thank you so much. 😀 and yes, this house seems to collect misfits and mutant animals. Tam’s doing well. Just hates the hell out of us right now but we’ll stick with it. 😀

  3. Treasure

    If I may, I know I’m being a little nosy, but Dreamspinner is not going to have Black Dog Blues? If not Carina, maybe samhaim? And yanno I thought your job was providing new books for us to read?

    1. I don’t think BDB would fit DSP’s publishing model. It’s pretty much sci-fi / urban fantasy. I might toss it towards Samhaim. No sex in it.*grins* Heh heh heh…..but tension. Oh there is tension.*winks*

      And yes, I am doing my best to provide you with new books. I promise!

      1. treasure

        About the high glucose try switching to a low sodium tuna or a raw diet. Raw worked for me

  4. OOPS I got distracted and was going to say – congrats on continuing cat health and dont stress about the release it will be awesome 🙂

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