Pain and Ink

Tattoo is done. Not surprisingly it hurts a little bit right now because you know… tattoo. But it’s done. My Year of the Dragon ink for my birth year. It’s a hapa dragon, done traditional style. A blend of Asian and Western art much like my culture and bloodline.

Off to do more writing.

By the way, my ink was custom designed and inked by Rob Benavides, owner of Flying Panther Tattoo and Gallery

10 thoughts on “Pain and Ink

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Lovely details and rich hues. My surroundings include two wooden Asian goddess carvings, each consumed/devoured by dragons, one lady is Balinese, one is Chinese. I grew up with the two goddesses since birth. Sinuous and mysterious like your dragon.

    1. It should get a little bit brighter as it heals. When it heals. Right now it’s… reminding me that it’s a VERY large tattoo πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you. Rob kicks butt. I’ll take another picture once the healing is done and the swelling’s gone. Details are emerging as my body is finally done complaining πŸ˜€

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