Lunch: Portuguese Blood Sausage (Morcela) over Rice

I come from a complex and mingled cultural stew. Being a poi dog / hapa kid, various ethnicities are fairly strongly represented in my family. One of these is Portuguese.

There are several Portuguese varieties, each coming from different regions. My grandmother’s family is Northern Portuguese (more Gallic) where as my grandfather’s side is Southern, more Moroccan influenced. Add to that mix, the Asian and Hawaiian and sometimes you get a food variance that is well… unique.

Hawaiian Style Portuguese Sausage is one of these. Like the mainland Portuguese sausage, it’s made of pig’s blood but the spices are a bit stronger, with more garlic and a hefty dose of all-spice. Oh, and my mother has a very heavy hand with the Hawaiian Tabasco peppers so it’s pretty hot.

But it’s a taste of home. It reminds me of a very simple time sitting with my grandfather and his cronies as they drank beer in the pavilion of Kaiwiki Park. So today, I share with you a piece of my childhood and culture.

8 thoughts on “Lunch: Portuguese Blood Sausage (Morcela) over Rice

  1. Patricia Grayson

    My French half permits me to appreciate blood sausage but we don’t eat it at home. Your meal looks stupendous and gives me thought to try it again. Thanks!

    1. I do think it really depends on who made it. I have discovered I only prefer homemade because of ingredients are quality. I’ve had others but the taste is usually subpar. And well, the biggest risk you take in my family is how heavy a hand my mother had with the Hawaiian peppers…. in this batch, it’s like playing russian roulette with capsaicin pockets but oh… soooooo good. 😀 Find someplace that makes it and give it a try. Or perhaps a tasting menu at a good homestyle restaurant. Peasant food is often the best.

    1. It’s actually pretty good. I do prefer the homemade. I’ve not found a commercial one that I like but then I have to wonder if it’s just because of the tastes I grew up with. 😀

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