Tonight’s Dinner: Fishie, fishie, fishie, fish….

Tonight’s dinner is Swai fillet, Thai garlic rice, Brussels sprouts. Swai is a type of shark catfish. It’s like basa but a bit coarser. Still, it’s a good fish.

The fish was grilled with seasoning, garlic and salt. Sprouts are just steamed. LOVE sprouts wiht some butter. Well faux butter.  And ah, the Thai garlic fried rice is pretty easy to make but you need fried garlic bits for it. Something easily grabbed at an Asian market. Fried garlic is GOD to cook with. I highly recommend it.


3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Fishie, fishie, fishie, fish….

  1. Patricia Grayson

    You even managed to make Brussells sprouts look tempting.The fish and rice look and sound wonderful! But what is that cascade of white noodley thing flowing in between the sprouts on the right side of the plate?

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