Brain Dead

I’ve been pushing to finish Sinner’s Gin, mostly because I need to plot out the next Cole and Jae book (tentatively titled Dirty Laundry). There’s a point in writing where you honestly no longer see the book. It’s kind of like a marathon where you reach the last third and you’re more concentrating on putting one foot in front of another to push forward. You don’t see the scenery or the other people around you. It’s just one thing… the road underneath you.

When I write, I actually lay the days out and the events because at some point in my reading / writing slog, I came across a book where a lot of incredible things happened. All on the same day.

There is only so much disbelief a reader can summon up. It’s good to know what day things are happening.

There’s actually no point to this post other than an update of how things are going. I’m alive. I’ve got coffee and there’s about 20 lbs of rice in the house so I’m good for a while.

We go through a lot of calrose rice. Asian. Rice cooker. More important than a washing machine.

I’ve got to blurb out Sinner’s Gin… one of the most LOATHED things a writer has to do. Blurbs are like the bitter melon of writing. And bitter melon is the fruit which grows from the spent seed of the devil’s dick.

As you can tell, I hate bitter melon. With a passion borne of the heat of a thousand suns. And not our measly ass Sol. I’m talking like epic Betelgeuse sized suns.

Picture of the devi’s spawn ass monkey seed.

Okay, I’m back now. *takes deep breath*

I’ll see what I can share about Sinner’s Gin in a bit. I’m loathed to toss it up here without at least some kind of description as to the book and the series. *grins* But if you’re interested, I’ll put a sneak peek up.

Back to the slog. Pray for me. No flinging poo. Behave all.


19 thoughts on “Brain Dead

  1. Lea Walker

    “And bitter melon is the fruit which grows from the spent seed of the devil’s dick.” Oh you are too funny. And now you’ve explained why I like bittermelon. Prepared correctly, of course.

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Hmmmm….was re-reading “Dirty Kiss” today. Hmmm. Now I’m choking up about the bitter melon spent seed thing you posted! Spewing Cola all over my keyboard…. And your childhood portrait you looked so SWEET .Thanks for the grin.

  3. Treasure

    Do you even have to ask? Of course we want to know more about Sinners Gin. And Cole and Jae.

    And personally I’m going to add eggplant and okra to the Devi’s spawn ass monkey seed category of vegetables.

    1. See okra and eggplant I absolutely LOVE! Doesn’t that tell you how disgusting bitter melon is?

      Sinner’s Gin is working out pretty well 😀

      1. Treasure

        I do remember Jae wouldn’t let Cole eat it in Dirty Kiss. Was putting Bitter Melon in the soup he was making revenge on his auntie?

      2. Patricia Grayson

        Hey this brought up a funny memory: in one of the Indian dialects of Southern India, a Peace Corps volunteer told me that “Okra” is their word for a ladie’s privates. And since then I cannot say “Okra” with a straight face– since nineteen sixty-eight. So that vegetable would be a good accompaniment to the “spent seed of the devil’s dick”.

  4. “And bitter melon is the fruit which grows from the spent seed of the devil’s dick.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever had it. And now I probably never will. 😀

    1. Patricia Grayson

      Rhys, the other pictures you posted are in my revolving screen savers. No obsession here.

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