Owning a Cat

Well to be fair, one does not own a cat. One is allowed to live with a cat. In my case, I have three.

I didn’t want three cats. I was happy with two, Neko and Tam. They are a bit aloof and really keep themselves amused. Once in a while, they want love and well, a clean litter box.

Then Yoshi arrived.

She appeared on my rooftop one afternoon, screaming and filthy. I got her off the roof and with all good intentions, took her to the vet to get fixed so she could be fostered into a new home.

She was pregnant. The kittens were stillborn and while the vet was doing the surgery, he discovered it was a tubal pregnancy.

Needless to say, she ended up costing me hundreds of dollars and I had a new cat.

She definitely is MY cat. She prefers to be with me. Sits on me. Wants love from me. She beats up my dog with a regularity that amazes me. She actually beats up all of the dogs. She’s not picky.

Yoshi is always disgruntled and will gladly tell you her opinion if I happen to move her from my lap, chest or shoulder.

She will also throw herself down in the middle of the living room floor for a belly rub. In front of anyone. Including the other cats and the dogs. Sometimes she does it when no one is in the room and you’ll come across of her lying in wait like some sort of quicksand trap looking for a victim.

She’s a good cat for all of her oddities. Mostly well behaved.

I don’t regret ever pulling her from the roof but I’d like her to stop beating up the dogs.


4 thoughts on “Owning a Cat

  1. ren

    I’m sure Yoshi justifies beating up the dogs as a good workout for her to exercise off all the food she consumes. Their fault if they happen to get in the way of her swatting paws.


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