Ah What To Post

First off, this is crack: http://baboon.co.il/mitoza/

I’m just saying. Total crack.

I’m left wondering how to cross-market Dirty Kiss. While I know where to hit for most urban fantasy genres and reviews, marketing DK perplexes me. I probably will ask if Reviews by Jessewave (http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/) would like to review it but beyond that, I do not know.

I think it’s up to the author really to cross-sell any book that they write these days. So much of it means getting the word out and hoping for good reviews. I’m leery regarding how DK will be received mostly because I’m not sure how it reads to the average reader. I’ve been elbow and armpit up in it for so long, you’ll understand if my perspective is a bit slanted.

I can only hope for decent reviews and a fondness for Asian boys.

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