A minor character in Dirty Kiss is a cat named Neko. She belongs to Jae Kim. I’ve included her because I felt it would be humanizing to include a pet. So many of us have pets, be them dog, cat or ferret. There’s something about a character in a book having a pet that fleshes out the person.

Now some people create animals in a book and them make god-like, capable of talking or even cooking dinners (I’m being sarcastic). The Neko in the book does come from my own cat, Koneko and much like the real Neko, isn’t any thing other than a cat. A demanding, screaming diva of a puff ball.

Why am I talking about a cat? Because I’m working my brain loose and need to get something down in pixels to shake the cobwebs from my grey matter.

And I’m waiting for Castle to start.

(The screaming one is Neko. The one sleeping and ignoring her is her brother, Tam.)

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