August 17 Borking Report!

It was actually overcast and cool this morning so the Borker was very comfortable when he headed out. I’m hoping this weather continues for a bit considering it was too hot for him to go out last week.
Even though the temp might be “doable” for a dog walk, the very pale sidewalks and black asphalt usually are not because they can get hot very fast. And oven-hot cement and roads means blistered paws. So, I try to be extremely careful about the Potato going on Borks during hot days.
He was very happy to see his Auntie Jessica today and when he came back, cavorted about and got a LOT of scritches. It’s hard work Borking to Protect the neighbourhood but today it seems like he accomplished all he set out to do.
Including sleep off his arduous morning.
From his Auntie Jessica:
It was great to see Gus today! He actually did poop on the walk this morning too. He was barking like normal in the first half of the walk but he was actually pretty quiet on the way back!

Boom Boom

There’s something about the blues. Dunno why. Dunno how. But they hook in deep and hit something inside of me. I’m not the first person who’s felt that way. And I sure as hell won’t be the last.

Now while the Blues Brothers movie is awesome and truly sparked a renewed interest in the blues, the music itself had a long and storied history in American culture. It’s given us so much and well, has served as the pulse of so many of our loves, hates, wars and peace. Countless authors are inspired by the grittiness of the music and well, we can’t even begin to list the number of musicians who have embraced the blues not only as their specific form of music but also built upon it, adding twists and turns to its hooks and slides.

I’m sharing one of my faves. John Lee Hooker. Man knew his way around a tune.

Warm Summer Days and Badger

Badger joined our household a couple of years and well, he was a handful. Found on the street with a serious back and leg wound, he didn’t like to be touched and had opinions about how he wanted to interact. He played too rough with Harley and someone at some point taught him that jumping at someone’s face was a good idea.

That was quickly discouraged and he settled into the household, still with his opinions and an attitude. He was a young, large not-quite-cat who needed to be taught that being loved was okay.

And he has learned that. Over the past few months, he’s turned into a very snuggly yet demanding cat who loves scritches and will paw at you if he wants attention. He enjoys going out into his catio so he can sit in the fresh air and watch birds as well as finding a lot of joy and delight in chasing his youngest sister, Goji around. Since Goji joined the household, he’s had a playmate who plays as rough as he does since Harley is a bit of a delicate thug. Harley likes playing but after a little bit, she’d rather go snuggle up to the dog or get her belly rub.

The Toxic Twins, however, rough-house about until I’m sure the walls are shaking.

He still only eats dry food but he’s settled in. And he knows he’s home. That’s always the best feeling… when the cat you bring in from the kind of shitty outside realizes he is loved and that he has a very significant place in your world.


This is going to be a quick one because I’m busy AF but I did wanna share the Potato’s bork.
He was kind of tired this morning which makes sense because he went to bed hella late (like I did) and then his bladder woke him up at 5:30 am so he trundled out of bed to bork at me to get up and let him out. Which of course I did because it was time to get up anyway. He has different borks for things and if you know him for like a minute, you can hear the difference but you need to speak Potato to understand what he’s asking.
He also likes to disguise his begging bork by using his I want to go outside whine (which is different from his I Need Your Attention Bork). But that’s a different kettle of fish.
His Attention Please bork is usually used for when it’s very early and he needs to go potty because the Potato does NOT potty in the house. Ever. Unless he’s very sick and cannot help it and even then, it will be on tile and he will hate himself for hours. It is a very rare occurance and he’d gotten a bug, which is normal sometimes. Vet checked him out and he was okay but I spent days reassuring him he’d not shamed his people.
The Attention Please bork is also used when there is a certain grey and white cat in his bed and he wants to go lie down there. It’s a short, not unpleasant Bork that kind of sounds like Hey, Mom! Mom!… not to be confused with his Psycho Gonna Kill This Intruder bork for people cutting across his lawn or his Why Aren’t You In Here bork he gives to people he knows and delivery people he sees every day. You can hear the difference in those borks as well as catch his tail helicoptering with excitement because he thinks he’s going to get company.
Mind you, he can’t see well so it does take a hot second for him to go from… Alarm Warning short bork to… MY PERSON! but it’s pretty quick.
And that’s pretty much what he did today because he was so sleepy but it was Borking Day and he went through a range of emotions when his Auntie Jessica came in this morning.
He does so love her.
Gus was walking pretty fast today! We went to the corner and got back quickly. There was a little kid out that he really wanted to say hi to! I hope he’s staying nice and cool now!


Well this morning was fairly cool but right now, it’s a big muggy. Probably was cool enough for Gus to get dressed BUT he got a new harness and it was fitted on him nicely and he was READY TO GO!
His Thursday Bork was called off because his Auntie Jessica wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t come over but today, she was here to see her Potato. I cannot express how happy he is to see her. Like a double dish of bacon happy. It’s cute. To be fair, he’s also very happy when he sees people he knows and they’ve come to visit him.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus loved the cold weather and all the wet grass! There were barely any people out so he was pretty good. We walked to the corner and back. See him soon!

Tuesday’s Bork! Or… A Once-Clean Cairn Terrorist Says Screw You to Being Clean

So the Potato got a bath and a minor trim yesterday because he was grubby and reaching the point of potential matting of his face. This is thing you’ve got to watch out for with Borking Potatoes, especially ones who like to roll in wet grass. No one likes a tangled weave on their heads… or an unshaven butt which needs to be tended to once their business is done.
He wasn’t brushed out but to be fair, it was late and he was enjoying being damp and rolling around. Nothing as happy as a post-bath Scottish Borker.
He also needs a second harness because the orange one is filthy. Because… he rolls around in wet grass and damp dirt! So after the bath yesterday, guess who comes rocking back from his Bork with filthy paws? Yep, the Cairn Master himself, Angus Missouri Blue.
Who promptly slipped out of his harness, came rolling into the living room and made general mayhem of joy and snorking noises. Also, he pooped outside. Again! Which is great because… it was on grass. Will wonders never cease.
We also forgot to put his collar back on. So he went out nekkid as th day he was born except for his kit.
From his Auntie Jessica…
It’s hot out but Gus did a lot of rolling around in the wet grass! He actually pooped on the grass today too instead of in someone’s driveway! I hope he gets plenty of water and rest now.

Today’s BORKING REPORT! 15 Jul 2021 with the Potato!

Now I’m going to be working remotely for the next couple of weeks and even while I’m home, that’s usually the time when someone at work pings me for a call or troubleshooting an issue. Thankfully, Andi Van asked if I wanted them to continue to kit the Potato out on his Borking Days for which I am EXTREMELY grateful because kitting him up, working on something on the laptop and talking someone off the ledge at the same time is usually when his Auntie Jessica shows up. *grins*
Oh and of course, our internet provider deciding to do major construction in our area and knocking the internet out with no notice and no schedule. That involved a lot of swearing, rebooting, lost work, firing up the 3G Orange Dot which I have now ordered the 4G Orange Dot to upgrade because the 3G one can’t handle the data transfers I need.
But all of that has NOTHING to do with the Potato… who has been SUCH a good boy.
It hasn’t been cool enough to dress him in a shirt but it’s summertime and damn, the eye drops for his allergies are doing wonders for him. I do have to shave down the hair around them but it’s so much better than it used to be. I am hoping we have a handle on them so he feels better. The Borker still doesn’t LIKE getting his face messed with but with the medication, comes cookies. Which are actually allergy supplements but they reek like fish and duck and he loves them.
Today’s Bork apparently went well and he was raring to go and then raring to come back. He got fussed over a lot and scuba-ed his water bowl for a bit then cavorted heavily. And promptly crashed out in the air-conditioned living room. He was also grubby as fucking hell and definitely needs a bath.
APPARENTLY, he pooped on someone’s driveway! Which is… rude in a lot of ways but something totally a mad Scottish Cairn would do. I wonder if they pissed him off. Jessica took care of it but sheesh, I thought I taught him better than that.
He does so love his Auntie Jessica. Actually he loves all of his Aunties and is such a dork. Gus Gus is the best Potato.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus walked fast today! He did poop on our walk right in someone’s driveway. I tried cleaning it up the best I could. He did roll around in the dirt a bit and got a little dirty. He looked like he was having fun though!

WOOOOT! Hellion is out on Audio!

Oh hey, did I mention Hellion was out on Audio? And delightfully narrated by the fantastic Kale Williams…
So very excited to hear Kale take on Ivo and the rest of the boys. We got a sneak preview of his work in ‘Nother Sip of Gin and now… get ready for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride.
You can find Hellion on Audible, Amazon, iTunes and other audiobook retailers!