Today’s kinda been the day for different sorts of shots. Much like taste the rainbow, this one’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Well not really. But good use of out of focus objects in the foreground, the wrap matches his hair so there’s a good draw to the eye in both points, nice against the green and soft whites in the background.



You wanna know why I like this one?


Seriously. It’s the rainbow / prism light.

Next Hellsingers…



Dirty Huhs

I get twitchy about my desktop. For better or for worse, I like to have shortcuts to series I’m working on lined up on the left side along with a master file.

A few seconds ago, I was kind of… damn I wish I had room to put a shortcut marked One Offs under here but there are too many folders.

That’s when I realized in about six months or so, I’ll begin the end of Cole and Jae’s story arc…

And that shortcut will leave my desktop.

A shortcut that’s been there for years…through a few laptops and thousands of cups of coffee.


It’s a very weird feeling.



Now I chose this one because I thought the posing was interesting. Not your typical but at the same time, kind of intriguing. LOTS of dependence on shadow and light for the shot…Notice the depth of blacks and whites in the background.

Below a cut because of peek.



Oddly enough, I love the grittiness of this photo AND because of the bright blue glass on the table.  Soooo much zoom.


And I ALMOST forgot….

SLOE RIDE! Done.screaming_camel_Happiness


Talk amongst yourselves….



Now let’s discuss this photo.

Colour is off but I think this is the raw shot, not necessarily processed through any filters. Skewed a bit yellow, it is still something I can deal with because I’m looking at composition. Good power in the shot, subjects arranged in a good balanced manner and there’s movement in it. Really good balance.


I’m not sure where he’s looking. Kind of reminds me of an incarnation of David Bowie or perhaps a history professor everyone has a mild crush on but no one knows is built under his button up shirt and worn twill pants.

Lovely light. Good colours and other than the odd displaced focus, a nice shot.

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