Lovely use of a colour palette. Adore this for that. Good earthy tones.

*hands you tissue*


I love the playfulness of this pose. Hopefully I spelt that right. My brain’s liquid right now.  Sometimes, it’s fun just to see that in a shot. Oh and the zooooom.


WOOOOOOOOOOOT! Murder and Mayhem is to DSP!



You know, sometimes you just need a slightly sweaty guy. I like the “moment” captured in this one.


I seem to be having black and white days of late. But the shots are lovely. I can’t see the kanji clearly but there are duplicates on him next to the maru / circle. Huh.


I’m awake! I swear!

Today’s shot… colours are nice. Might be a bit too much retouching but hard to tell. Saturation is intense but overall, a good yin/yang of colour.


Tonight’s dinner is chicken tortilla soup. And speaking of hot… there’s something about the yellow splash along his body adds something to this photo.

Sighs… Sooooooon

I am at the end of a new book, Murder and Mayhem. New series. New characters. New anxieties. No, wait… same anxieties.

It’s always difficult when trying to cobble together personalities and a world, even if it is set in a modern Los Angeles. Each book has its own voice and I might start off thinking “Oh, it’s going to be funny” and then it all goes sideways. This time, it was a hell of a lot less funny and more… grit? Raw-boned? It’s hard to really quantify at this point because later today, I’m going to go back into the full document and read what I’ve done.

When I write, I rarely go back and read or edit while I’m writing. Sometimes something sticks with me and it’s like an itch I can’t get rid of. That’s usually a sign that I’ve left something out. That’s a retrofit and those I do midstream. I’ll go back and structure it back up or it’ll bug the shit out of me and I can’t go forward.

Writers talk about doing it by the seat of their pants or plotting everything out. I kind of write by a loose plot but with my gut instincts. I’ve found it best not to fight the voice as it comes out. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s an odd construct but it really is what comes out. The whole It Is What It Is fits here.

10846216_406637866156064_1843120710947189526_nI also know when I’ve done too much in one day. I get a visitor. Literally, she comes and sits on me. Very demanding cat. This was last night. I guess I was done. Or so she told me.








I wonder what the photographer directed him to do. Stare over there. Because the story in this one is odd… the expression on his face and the staring into the distance. Still, balance of light and dark is nice. Good tones.


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