I have a shit ton of rubber ducks in the house. Some were purchased for Bent Con…which is next week but some were bought for Trick or Treaters because not everyone can have candy. And there are allergies. And well… sugar.  There is always a child who goes trick or treating and can’t EAT anything he scores.

For that child, I make sure everything is equal. Toys… sometimes a variety of candy bars but ALWAYS toys.

Because sometimes being different fucking sucks. And if someone gives out something you can choose and keep for a long time, it makes being different not matter any more.

We’ve had one kid last year whose mother nearly burst into tears when she saw me handing out toys. Kid was really allergic to peanuts. So trick or treating for him is perilous and most of his candy would go the way of his father’s coworkers. THAT kid gets six ducks. He’ll get six again this year. I have enough ducks. He has way too much he can’t eat. I figure, it balances out.

There are monster duckies this year. I think he’ll like them.



I am not really awake yet. Oh my body is awake. It was woken up by a 20 lb cat dancing on my bladder. But the rest of me, not so much.


Evening! NSFW Weds. Last Bonus Day.

This will be the last day for bonus peen. *grins*


Morning! Last NSFW Day! Well, until Sunday…

Last Peen Day. I should write a long post about something. Do you all want long posts about me rambling? Discuss….


Down and Dirty Giveaway!


You have won the choice of ARC or Character! email me at rhysford at vitaenoir dot com

Tell me what format you want your ebook in OR name/description of the character you want to written as. Can’t promise you’ll live. This one has a high body count but… I’ll do my best.

But ah, that being said… I’ve selected TWO people to receive ARCs of Down and Dirty if they want.

They are:

Julie Bouchard

Claire McGuire

Email me and let me know if you want the ARC. Be sure to tell me what format :D

Thank you all and really, you all rock!


NSFW Tuesday! Evening!

NSFW Tuesday! Second of Felice’s Picks.


NSFW Tuesday!

The winner of our contest chose Silver Fox as her “theme” for today. Here is her first…. prize. :D


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