Wondering Where the Dog is? She Needs A Family.

Wasn’t the evening boy pretty? You know what else is pretty? A 2 year old black something mix someone tried to make into a tough dog but really her bright sunshine spirit is too strong to be broken by the likes of bad people.

10743836_10152795433533629_1154023989_nShe was scheduled to die Yesterday. Flat out. No bones about it. Scheduled to die because she’s a life someone threw away. Because someone didn’t give a damn about her. The plunger was pulled and her breaths were down to their last few. Half an hour till death.

But you see, sometimes a soul can shine so brightly it shouldn’t be extinguished. Circumstances shifted…quickly with phone calls and manueverings and forming ulcers. She was sprung but now… she needs a home.

Her temperament is probably one of the sweetest I’ve seen. These are only two of the pictures I’ve gotten of her. She’s in St. Louis, MO but I am sure we can work somethin out. If anyone out there is looking for someone to be happy with, she is alive and looking for a heart to fit into.

Her name right now is Kaylee, after the sweetheart mechanic on the Serenity. Fitting name for a pretty girl with a big heart and even bigger soul.

If you or anyone you know is interested in letting her live and love them, please let Amanda Ritson-Schlemmer know. I’ll share what I find out about her as we go. I’ll be adding Amanda’s contact info when I get it. Or drop me a line… rhysford at vitaenoir dot com.

If you need a Dude(tte) in your life, here she is.



Evening and A Dog

First off… let’s have the Evening Shot… and then I want to tell you about Miss Kaylee


Rhys Ford Post-GRL ARC or Character Giveaway!

Down_and_Dirty_RhysFord_smallWhen I was at GRL, I ran a contest where three winners would get to choose between an ARC or becoming a character. The winning names were drawn this morning and they are Deb Pridgeon, Hope, and JoJo. Winners have been emailed with instructions and NOW is the time for the final ARC or Character Giveway.

Since not everyone could make it to GRL, I am running a final contest here. Leave a comment and on Oct 28, I will select TWO names as winners.

As a winner, you will have a choice of getting the ARC of Down and Dirty in ebook format OR becoming a minor character in the next Rhys Ford book.

I make no promises that you will survive the book or even show up alive. One of my past winners was dead when I got to her. But it’s an epic death. Much intrigue. *grins*

Good luck and thank you for your support. Truly. You all rock.


Ah, sometimes I wonder what makes a photographer chose a pose.


Life needs more… chocolate syrup


Remind me when I say I need a nap to actually take one :D

See Who Is Coming To Bent-Con!

Did you miss GayRomLit? Are you still missing GayRomLit? On the West Coast? Want to get some sunshine and meet some of the genre’s best-selling authors? Or do you just want to come and see the Merman Party?

Come join us at Bent-Con!
November 7-9
In Burbank, CA at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank


InkslingersBentCon copy

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