Feed Me….

Or scritch me.

This is Tam. You’ve all met him before. He’s about 15 pounds (a little over one stone) of black, muscular passive-aggressive aloofness. His head almost reaches the top of the couch cushions and he doesn’t like to be picked up.

He’s been diabetic for a while now but is ever so good about coming to get his shots twice a day at 6 am and 6 pm. Adores catnip to the Nth degree and  also has a hardcore love for turkey or as we call it… leezard. Long eeeeeeee on that.

This is Tam’s begging face. It’s the same begging face for food as it is scratches on his head or back. He also likes to get his tail gently tugged because he’s a weirdo.

And yes, those are his eyes. He’s ALL eye. Like a Keane painting. download


Apologies. I’ve been a bit under the weather. Mostly the weather’s kicking my ass because that’s what weather seems to like doing. We keep snapping hot and cold and the breaks in my face along with my sinuses are not happy about it. Next week, we allegedly will be in the 80s. We’re all skeptical.

Nothing much is going on. Heading to Austin and lexington in a week so that’s cool. Will be hooking up with friends, readers, editors and Mary Calmes. Texted my dongsaeng Ren this morning that I was going to see Hoshi and PornoChun along with a picture of a latte I got this morning at Starbucks. Then realized, life is a kind of strange and odd place where we know one another’s names but really, it is the username we meet someone under that sticks in the brain the most.

The latte by the way is perfect. Just what I needed. Okay actually what I need is some sleep but the latte will be fine.

Trying to get Kai under some semblance of order. Rounding the bend to the end then I have to go back and gut some things. Wish me luck on the gutting.

Also got a pub date for Absinthe of Malice and a cover. I’ll be doing a reveal on The Novel Approach in a month or so. After the Dirty Heart stuff dies down.

I’m thinking of giving away Vietnamese Coffee Kits for the DH giveaways. What do you all think? It’s the last of the series. It should be something fun? What’s your opinions? I’m entertaining any input. Hell, I guess I better line up something for a tour as well. THAT would be a good idea, yes?

Time has gotten away from me in the past few months. It’s a giant blur of coffee and words. So… what do you all want for the final Cole McGinnis tour?

My Stoner Cat

My cat Tam is an addict. He shoots up once or twice a day (insulin), gets the munchies late at night (cat treats before bed) and most of all, needs a bit of weed every night.

Okay so it’s catnip but still, he needs it, man. And usually about 8ish if I’m anywhere near the cat post, Tam is MORE than happy to get hooked up. Actually he comes around like some guy hitting a pusher up in an alleyway. First he’ll sit on my feet while I’m working and then when I get up, immediately head over to the cat post to get hooked up.

As one does.

He’s sitting up there right now. Stoned and quite happy. And a little Cheshire Cat mad.download

Rocks fall. Everyone stubs their toe.

img_0653Laundry list of screwed up things today:

Ordered Seat Belts for Firebird. They arrive today. REEKING of smoke. Contacted seller and he’s all, yeah you’re gonna get that.

Ordered new seats for Firebird back in first week of January. Was told they were going to be backordered but would ship on Jan 30. No shipping notification came so I called them. They’re all… yeah, not until Feb 15. Told them cancel the order, issue a refund while I was on the phone and his response was.. um, it could take a while for the refund to show. I don’t want to hear that. I gave them 4 hours then the bank and I would have a discussion. Refund came.

I’d already ordered new seats and had them shipping while I was on the phone with them. Please note CarID is bad. BAD. Foul people who don’t have stock but take your money and don’t say they’re out of stock. Summit Racing, very good. Always have stock listed properly.

Got a pigtail wiring harness for my power windows and a new switch for the centre console. Not sure if they fit but things have been strange so I’m just going to take them in and let the mechanic worry about it. Because I could be screwing things up.

Ordered even newer seat belts for the Firebird from Classic Industries, allegedly better seat belts than the last set I’d ordered… the ones that tries to kill me. I was supposed to get a return authorization number so I can send the crappy ones back. Crickets from their tech department on that but perhaps it slipped their mind.

NOW I want kalua pig and cabbage :D

Adulting is very hard. Today was just one of those days where everything was small and just shored up. Now, all things considered, shit’s pretty good. Those things above? Small rocks in the path. A couple of bruised toes and that’s about it. Nothing major because other things are okay. It all evens out.

I might order pizza though.


I’ve been sick for the past week or so. Today it was just too much sinus stuff to go further than my toothbrush and a call in to work. Woke up feeling better after a few hours of sleep but right now, back to the beginning of blergh again.

So a nap is in order. And maybe some ramen for dinner.

I’m trying to recall if I have miso soup to use as a base.

Ghost of Ramen Past


Tossed Eggs and Peas

Bad part about being human, we scab on the inside too.

There are several things going on with me emotionally. Icky, stupid crap. None of which I understand and just wish to go away. Apparently life’s like that. Isn’t that funny? Just when you think you’re doing okay, there’s a dip in the road and you lose all the eggs in your basket.

Hell, I’ve lost the chicken.*

Today I woke up with a head stuffed with ick and a belly refusing to eat protein. Which kind of pisses me off because I’ve got some lovely cod in the fridge. And onion rings. Fish and well…onion rings! Lightly fried fish filets. With garlic because you know… garlic.

So tonight, instead of me sharing a food picture, tell me what you had for dinner or are planning to have. Or maybe it’s breakfast. Share a moment and let’s talk about what’s on your plate.

16349157283_17c34b7e18_zI’ve also gotten some canned peas because you know… peas and mayo needs to happen.

And has anyone done those salads in a mason jar thing? How does that work out better than Tupperware?


* The dips in the road are normal. Just shit to deal with. *grins*