Evening! NSFW Friday

Mostly this is Not Safe For Work because of a bit of peen but I chose this one because it’s shot very 1950s natural in tone. And it’s playful. Playful is always good.

Zoom is enabled.



Good Morning! I’m in the home stretch of Sloe Ride… which is kicking my ass if you must know.

I chose this shot because I think the intimacy portrayed in its composition is kind of what writers hope to achieve with words. Or at least I do. If a reader can get THIS kind of picture in their head from a story then I’d call it a day. And a happy one at that.


The tones of blue here works perfectly for his skin tone and hair colour. Composition is nice. Shadows are soft, which is okay because the blue would be drowned if they had more depth.



I almost wrote Evening but I think that’s ’cause I have a bit of a headache. Nothing coffee won’t cure. Mmmmm coffee.

The soft tones of this black and white do the subject a favour because it blends down the white and pushes the subject into a nice focal spot.


I love the look on his face… it’s just a sensual, happy, sexy pleasure.

He’s gorgeous and the colours are great but the look on his face makes this photo. Sometimes, it’s about the emotion of the subject in the photo.


This is an early posting! LOVE this shot. The coloration, form and shadows are fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Tonight’s Dinner!

Tonight’s dinner. Turkey and cheese sammich and a salad.


God. This photo. Seriously. Colours, composition, lighting. Absolutely fantastic.


I love the study of form here. Seriously. That’s what drew me to this shot. A casual but elegant composition. Really nicely done.


As you all know, I love black and white shots. This one is no different. There’s definitely a story in this composition…and the moment caught is a very intimate and VERY male one. Good use of bokeh in the background and they contrast nicely with the striped furniture.

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