See Who Is Coming To Bent-Con!

Did you miss GayRomLit? Are you still missing GayRomLit? On the West Coast? Want to get some sunshine and meet some of the genre’s best-selling authors? Or do you just want to come and see the Merman Party?

Come join us at Bent-Con!
November 7-9
In Burbank, CA at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank

InkslingersBentCon copy


I could use a nap. Really. Nap or no nap? That is the question.

GRL… is always fun. I think. I believe I spend more time having regrets I haven’t met people I wanted to see than I do coffee. Soooooooooo many people. So little time.


I so need some sleep. Lots of sleep


Going to get a nap. So much nap needed.


Blergh. My stomach is all…. Dude, blerghy! Off to work. So here’s a pretty boy.


I am home! There’s nothing like your own wifi. Just sayin’


Sooooooooooo tired but ah, I am heading home. So sad yet…. so glad to see Gus Gus and the others. Yoshi definitely. *nods*

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